20+ Must Have Teacher Gifts for Self Care

Dec 03, 2021
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Teachers, especially stressed & burned out teachers, are in dire need of more self-care.  Self-Care and mental health support is essential for keeping teachers fulfilled and in the profession, so why not shower your favorite teachers with gifts that keep on giving?  You know the saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup. When teachers are able to take care of themselves, they burn out less frequently.  The same goes for parents and students.

Whether you're searching for gifts for a coworker, fellow teacher, significant other, your child's educators, or yourself, these self-care gifts for teachers are sure to support the stressed teachers in your life.

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1. Teacher Self-Care Gifts for Physical Exhaustion

One of the main symptoms of burnout is trouble sleeping.  Get your teacher some quality sleep with a Nod Pod - weighted and light blocking eye mask.  


Ice Rollers are perfect for any teacher who struggles with tension headaches, end of the day exhaustion, or just need a pick-me-up. This ice roller has skin benefits such as tightening pores and reducing wrinkles, but can also help reenergize you after a long day and reduce headache symptoms.

For the burned out educator who struggles falling asleep and staying asleep. Weighted blankets use deep touch pressure to help calm the body, reduce stress and anxiety, and give a deeper night’s rest.  Talk about a cozy gift!


Set of 6 Posture Magic Massage Ball Set is one of the most comprehensive sets on the market to help support teachers who need the benefits of tenson release.  Teachers that need some muscle and tension relief woudl love this variety set.


 One of my ultimate favorite gifts are bath related.  Some of the most creative ideas I've ever had, some of the most relaxing time I've ever had -- has all been in a bath tub.  Items like teacher themed exfoliating body scrub, hair shine spray, or spray lotion are some of my teacher friends' favorites.  Anything that makes taking care of yourself a little easier but still a priority.  Click here to see more ideas for your teacher self-care bath basket.

2. Teacher Self-Care Tool Kit

Teacher Care Crate is the ultimate teacher gift.  As it was created by a former teacher who wanted to support teachers who needed more self-care in their lives, the best of the best are always included. Teacher Care Crate is your monthly reminder to practice self-care. Each month's box includes inspirational art, bath & body items, stylish wearables, and tasty treats to make your teacher heart happy! Teacher Care Crate can be purchased as a single box or as a monthly subscription.   Other amazing subscription boxes can be found on CrateJoy, as well, to fit any need.

Another option would be to DIY a Self-Care Tool Kit.  One strong recommendation when creating this is incorporating things you know this person likes - self-care should be individualized but making it accessible is a load off of the person you will be gifting to.  Check out: How to Create a Self-Care Tool Kit for Teachers and grab the free Teacher Self-Care Tool Kit Checklist!

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3. Teacher Self-Care Gifts for Positive Mindset

Positive mindset is a difficult task to overcome and sometimes we just need a little help along the way.  

The 2 Minute Gratitude Journal for Teachers is more than just a cute teacher appreciation gift. Practicing gratitude daily with this journal will help teachers be happier and spread that positivity to everyone around them, including students, coworkers, friends and loved ones.  This 116 page journal includes a check-in prompt for reflecting on how cultivating gratitude through daily journaling has affected their life plus plenty of room for notes.

Do Less by Kate Northrup - For the teacher who wants to start working smarter, not harder. This book helps you get in touch with your body’s natural rhythm to boost self-compassion and productivity.

Freed to Teach: 7 Keys to THRIVE in an Era of Uncertainty by Meredith Newlin - this book  will empower you to recognize that yoy deserve to embrace and celebrate the unique teacher you are while finding out exactly how to go from: -Overwhelmed to organized -Frazzled to focused -Burned out to balanced -Stressed to streamlined -Exhausted to energized -Purposeless to passionate -Chaotic to calm and confident When you infuse your life with the transformative secrets you'll learn in this book, everything changes. You are a teacher for a reason. There is a different and better way. Now is your time to become freed to teach!

For your more tech-savvy teacher friends who need a way to track their self-care habits, get prompts for gratitude, and still plan out the rest of their teacher life,  check out the Teaching Mind Body and Soul Teacher Digital Planners (available in landscape or portrait), all available in the palm of your hand!  It's a One Stop Shop.


Self-Care Gifts for Teacher Physical Health

Teachers often put their physical health on the back burner; when in reality, physical health is a huge component to feeling good.  

When polling teachers, many teachers enjoy coffee but what they really need is water and hydration.  Being well hydrated allows the body to work more efficiently.  With unique inspirational quote and time marker on it, this water bottle is great for measuring your daily intake of water, reminding you stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day. It's large size (128 oz or a full gallon) is sure to help you meet your hydration goals.

Many teachers say they don't get nutritious snacks because of the hustle and bustle of educator life.  An amazing teacher self-care gift would be this 40 count care package includes a mix of healthy snacks (that are still sweet and savory). This box is the best variety of essential brands of nuts, fruit chews, bars, popcorn, veggie chips. Healthy snacks for the health conscious person. Large for a great low price - what a good deal.

Good sleep has an impact on physical health, as well.  Because teachers are notorious for not getting enough sleep.  An awesome self-care gift could also be a pillow spray.  Before bed, you spray this in your room or even on your sheets and it will actually help you sleep better (it’s not just a gimmick!).  This is perfect if you’re thinking of other sleep-related self-care gifts, like a weighted blanket.



Gifts for Stressed-Out Teachers Who Are Looking For More Support

One of the biggest things in education right now is keeping good teachers in the profession.  There has been such an emphasis on self-care over the past few years, but little to no one can tell you how, when, where.  That is one of the many reasons that the EduCare Club and the Individualized EduCare Program were developed.

If you know a teacher who is struggling with mental health or creating a self-care plan that is authentic to them, the EduCare Club is the perfect gift. It can help save them the time of researching, finding a self-care plan that suits them, and give them the community they need to thrive in the often times overwhelming world of education.  

Gift a course enrollment to a teacher struggling to find their next position by emailing [email protected] after purchasing.

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