Empowering & Supporting Teachers to Beat Burnout & Build Resilience

Teaching Mind Body & Soul is a teacher resilience, retention strategy, & mentoring agency encouraging teachers, parents, & students to prioritize mental health & individualized self-care so you reduce stress, prevent burnout, and create the life, you’ve been dreaming about!

It's time to equip teachers with the tools, support, and mindset they deserve to make teaching sustainable!

Teacher shortage is at an all time high and the system of education is in a state of crisis. Teachers are feeling exhausted, overworked, undervalued, and unsupported. In a recently released poll from the National Education Association, more than 90% of educators say they are feeling burned out (2022).

Our educators need strategic, individualized support to make teaching a more sustainable career.

Whether you're a burned out teacher or school leader looking to keep highly qualified teachers in the profession, I have specialized support, strategies, and resources to help teachers beat burnout and more resilient.

Let's get you started on your journey

You’re here on this page, and you’re still reading.

That means deep down you know you were made to dream big and stop living life in that "glass is half empty" mindset.

You’re in the right place!

You deserve to fill your cup, let me show you how.

Teachers and parents spend so much time caregiving that they often forget that they have needs and dreams that deserve to be met.
The first rule on an airplane if the oxygen mask descends in front of you is to put on your own before you assist anyone else. The same goes for self-care. When your needs are taken care of, your children will benefit, too.
But I don't even know where to start.
It all starts with a dream. Hang out with me and we'll find yours.

Connecting with me is like having your personal self-care and resilience strategist or hype man in your back pocket!

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Hey, I'm Brittany!

I want to let you in on a secret world where teachers actually have the tools to be resilient, put themselves first, AND make a bigger impact in their classrooms and communities.

I show teachers how to implement sustainable strategies, digital resources, avoid burnout, and reignite their passion all in a way that is authentic and realistic.

Here's the thing...there's broken pieces in the system of education and we need more passionate educators equipped to help fix it. Burned out teachers don't have the energy or means to make the change we need to see.
That's why I am here.

Oh, and in my spare time, I’m a special education teacher, wife, and mom/bonus mom to 5 kids. So, let's just say, I am a whiz at making things simple and sustainable because if it's not simple, I probably won't have the time to do it. The foundation of my passion and work stems from my personal experience with teacher burnout, extensive research, and expertise in specialized instruction. So whether it's through my social media, popular resources, blog posts, or programs - I am here to SUPPORT you through this journey.


What people are saying about brittany & Teaching mind body and soul:

I've been to professional developments in the past that told me how important taking care of myself was. The thing is that I never truly LEARNED anything. This was totally different. I was more engaged, better prepared, and I could actually leave the training with things I could put into action IMMEDITELY. Not only that, but the research to back it up was awesome for my psychology background! The resources and the workbook really were helpful, as well.

Katherine Smith, Former Workshop Participant

I was so impressed by the Summer Self-Care Conference that Brittany put together. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I knew digital planning was a big thing in the teacher space but I had no idea what it actually was or how to use it for self-care!

Bre Baildon, MS, RDN

I absolutely love Brittany's Missing Work AutoCrat Form. It was easy to set up and I have found this is a great way to get parents more inormation about what's going on in class and what is missing without overwhelming myself.

Jennifer L. (TPT Buyer)

When I started following Brittany on TikTok, her personality just screamed fun. Learning from her how to take care of myself on a personal and professional level really saved my sanity.

Barbara Ashwaganda

want more help beating burnout and building resilience?

The Individualized EduCare Program is a powerful combo of course content, group coaching, and community all packed into one membership.

With your membership you will receive:

💜Access to our signature framework: The Individualized EduCare Program (My 6-step system for building a sustainable and individualized resilience plan so you can stop burning out, reignite your passion, and start living a balanced life with authenticity.

💜Membership in the most inspiring community of educators working towards personal and professional improvement (This is my favorite part!)

💜 Access to the Growing Self-Care Support Library filled with additional trainings, workshops, and templates to help make prioritizing yourself sustainable.

💜Quarterly Self-Care Workshops - live group coaching with time to learn, implement, and ask questions

💜Access to quarterly masterclasses taught by industry experts, including nutrition, mental health, behavior management, meditation, yoga, mindset, etc.

💜So much more! Q&A sessions, Squad co-working, Members’ Only Retreats, discounts on products, and much more! The Individualized EduCare Program is your resilience lifeline, at all times.


Partner with Brittany to get Educator Mental Health Support & Mentorship that changes Educator Retention, Job Satisfaction, and Student Outcomes

Schools & Districts Who Partner with Brittany can receive (one or all) of the following:

💜Get school or district access to the Individualized EduCare Program Membership

💜Improve their school culture to make it positive, supportive, and uplifting so that teachers feel empowered, reignited, and like they are part of a true family.

💜Develop a positive school culture strategy to help teachers feel more united and supported thus providing students with a happier and healthier environment

💜Create strategy to support your burned out educators specialized support and individualized mentorship

💜Virtual or in-person workshops or professional developments to support and provide sustainable strategies to keep your teachers loving the job they do

💜Inspiring Key Note Speeches to reignite passion, build resilience, and bring massive change towards changing mindsets to go from surviving to thriving educators.