If you've been in a "glass is half empty" mindset, let me be your reminder that you are worthy of and deserve time for yourself!

Teaching Mind Body & Soul is a teacher self-care, burnout prevention, & mentoring agency encouraging teachers, parents, & students to prioritize mental health & individualized self-care so you reduce stress, prevent burnout, and create the life, you’ve been dreaming about!

Let's get you started on your journey

You’re here on this page, and you’re still reading.

That means deep down you know you were made to dream big and stop living life in that "glass is half empty" mindset.

You’re in the right place!

You deserve to fill your cup, let me show you how.

Teachers and parents spend so much time caregiving that they often forget that they have needs and dreams that deserve to be met.
The first rule on an airplane if the oxygen mask descends in front of you is to put on your own before you assist anyone else. The same goes for self-care. When your needs are taken care of, your children will benefit, too.
But I don't even know where to start.
It all starts with a dream. Hang out with me and we'll find yours.

Connecting with me is like having your personal self-care strategist and hype man in your back pocket!

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What people are saying about brittany & Teaching mind body and soul:

I was so impressed by the Summer Self-Care Conference that Brittany put together. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I knew digital planning was a big thing in the teacher space but I had no idea what it actually was or how to use it for self-care!

Bre Baildon, MS, RDN

I absolutely love Brittany's Missing Work AutoCrat Form. It was easy to set up and I have found this is a great way to get parents more inormation about what's going on in class and what is missing without overwhelming myself.

Jennifer L. (TPT Buyer)

Being a part of the ambassador program has been so fun thus far! Because I love digital planning and self-care, it's easy to share with other teacher friends all of the amazing resources and information Brittany offers. I even have my own discount code (I feel so official!).

Katherine Smith, M.Ed.

When I started following Brittany on TikTok, her personality just screamed fun. Learning from her how to take care of myself on a personal and professional level really saved my sanity.

Barbara Ashwaganda


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