Educator Support for Schools
that changes Educator Retention, Job Satisfaction, and Student Outcomes

What if you had tools to transform your school?

Our School Needs This

When was the last time your teachers felt validated & reignited?

What are the biggest reasons high-quality educators are leaving the profession (it's not the money, although that is an issue)?

They feel like the stress is too much - emotionally, financially, mentally.

They feel unsupported, invalidated, and demoralized which is leading to extreme burnout.

They feel like there is never enough time with the never-ending to do list to do what they love: actually TEACH.

They’re tired of losing control over their own emotional reactions and feeling powerless over their students’ social and emotional well-being.

They feel as if they are not seen, heard, or appreciated for the value they bring to the profession and like the difficulties in schools are out of their control.


Your Teachers Will Walk Away With:

  • A meaningful reconnection with their purpose, gifts, and strengths
  • Techniques for maintaining positivity as an educator (and a deeper understanding of why it matters so much to our students)
  • REAL strategies to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and reignite passion for teaching
  • An understanding of the crucial connection between teacher well-being and student growth on all levels
  • A game plan for resolving work/life balance challenges using PROVEN principles
  • Simple & evidence-based strategies to cultivate emotional resilience

Our students deserve the best.
Isn’t it time to get your teachers and your school on the road to thriving --instead of just surviving?

We're ready to make a change!


Schools and individuals who partner with me achieve the following:

👩‍🏫Increased Teacher Retention and Resilience
👍Better Student Outcomes
🧘‍♀️Social Emotional Learning Support and Consultation
🚌Get school or district access to the Individualized EduCare Program Framework
📈Improve their school culture to make it positive, supportive, and uplifting so that teachers feel empowered, reignited, and like they are part of a true family.
Develop a positive school culture strategy to help teachers feel more united and supported thus providing students with a happier and healthier environment
🔥Create strategy to support your burned out educators specialized support and individualized mentorship
👩🏻‍💻Virtual or in-person workshops or professional developments to support and provide sustainable strategies to keep your teachers loving the job they do
🎤Inspiring Key Note Speeches to reignite passion, build resilience, and bring massive change towards changing mindsets to go from surviving to thriving educators.


  • Automate Your Classroom: An Introduction to Automations that will Save You Time & Energy
  • From Burnout to Balance: 6 SIMPLE Steps to Building Up Educators Before They Break Down (90 minute workshop)
  • Break the Burnout Cycle: 6 Simple Steps to Surviving & Thriving in Education
  •  Systemizing to Sustain Teaching: The 6 Steps You Need to Begin Systemizing Your Classroom & Sustain Your Career


Signature Program:

🌟The Individualized EduCare Program🌟

A comprehensive professional development and coaching program that provides a step-by-step method to creating a sustainable, individualized self-care plan to beat burnout, squash stress, and build educator resilience.
Unlike other programs that give you a menu of items to choose from without telling you how, when, and where; in this program, educators will learn how to integrate unique preferences, personality, and lifestyle into actionable steps towards reigniting your passion and living your best life inside AND outside of the classroom.


Job Satisfaction

Teachers utilizing the Individualized EduCare Framework feel supported and motivated by the roadmap and community.  They are more resilient and re-energized allowing them to stay in their teaching position.

Decreased Stress & Overall Burnout

Because Brittany's programs, workshops, and more are tailored to the needs and interests of the participants, this promotes motivation to participate & make visible changes.

Are you interested in booking Brittany to speak at your school, event, or other?  Let's get your information!

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