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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Vision Boards

Aug 13, 2021

I've always made vision boards - even before I knew they were a "thing."  I used to cut out pictures and phrases from my TeenBop magazines and paste them on a posterboard.  I wish I could find pictures of them where they used to hang in my room.

Vision boards are so much more than collage posters plastered on our walls.  Now things are more on-the-go.  Digital vision boards can be taken with you where ever you go now by uploading them as backgrounds on your phone or desktop.  And you know that you have your phone in hand - so, why not be redirected to your focus every time it shows up on your homescreen?

What is a Vision Board?


A vision board can also be called a "dream board" which really fits my aesthetic. But it's more than just dreams - a vision board is a visualization tool that can help you tangibly see the future, your goals, aspirations, and remind you what you are working for.  You can create various vision boards depending on your main focus in the moment or make one that collectively represents your purpose - career, travel, finances, health, etc.  Creating a vision board should speak to your purpose, your vision, and be meaningful to you.  

According to research, vision boards improve the likelihood of achieving goals, increase confidence, and create a mutli-sensory experience that allows us to dive into our dreams as if they have already come true.  This is what scientists call "priming the brain."  By providing your mind with a visual, it can better anticipate and seize opportunities that align with your vision.  This is why when we create New Year's Resolutions, they just don't work, there is no visualization component.

The power is not just in the creation but in the use of this tool.  Once you have your vision board completed, you should have it in a place you will see it daily (i.e. phone background). 

This might be the most important piece of advice...when you look at the vision board it should evoke the emotions you want to feel.  It should give you the feelings of joy, gratitude, and love for all of the things that you have on your dream board.  When you see and interact with this tool, it will seep into your subconcious which will help rewrite limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.


In a world that is so chaotic and noisy, it's hard to stay focused on what's important to you. It's important to first begin with a broad area/topic/theme on which you wish to work (health, finances, family, career, etc.).

  1. Step back and find a time for you to sit in silence.  With all the things we have going on, it's hard to see the BIG PICTURE.  You just need a few minutes to gather yourself without any distractions (even social media - ahem, I'm talking to myself).  Find that. 
  2. What is it?  What do YOU want?  Not what anyone else wants, but YOU.  In a state of silence, you can start to filter through your thoughts and take an inventory of your passions, your talents, your gifts, and how you'd like your life to look in 5-10 years.  You can do this mentally, but I'm a fan of putting it to paper.  I believe writing things (or typing) allows you to release the ideas in your mind and tangibly see and manipulate your best outcomes.
  3. Remember to think BIG idea & small steps. It's easy to look at the big picture and think of all the work there is to do, but do not overwhelm yourself.  This is where we break the BIG idea down into smaller attainable chunks. Then ultimately, we can develop short term goals to accomplish those smaller steps. 
  4. Sometimes it is easier to look at sub-sections of our life to create goals and aspirations: health, wealth, love, fitness, family, career, spiritual, personal development, and home.
  5.  With these subsections in mind, I like to make a list in each of these areas of goals, aspirations, and resolutions.  Once I have a rough, bulleted list - I will be able to use this later in order to find images that stay within my vision. (For example, in the area of health, I may want to lose weight - instead of just putting "lose weight" and moving on; I may decide to list methods that may aid in achieving my goal such as incorporating exercise into my daily routine, drinking 64 oz of water daily, etc.)

Those simple things can allow you to bring you back into the mindset of the life you want to live - your focus or your vision.  Learn the simple formula for creating your own personal vision statement in less than 15 minutes. 


  1. Once you've determined your focus, or your vision, then next it's time to put your vision in front of you.  Looking at the individual sub-sections of self-care, determine how you will design the board so that each of your images is effective.
  2. Look for images, quotes, any type of visual that brings your focus to light.  This may look different for different people depending on the area(s) of individual focus. (For example, with my example of incorporating physical activity in my daily routine, I may find images of physical activity that I enjoy or that makes me feel good - dancing, hiking, not just aerobic or gym style.  It is important to find images that resonate with your likes and dislikes so that you don't have images that do not resonate.)
  3. As you are gathering, find images that evoke emotion (specifically the emotion you dream of feeling).  Are you happy, ecstatic, full of love, jumping for joy?  What images did you find that can get you in that mindset?
  4. Storing images can be done through Pinterest Boards, Google, free picture websites, or physical books, magazines, etc.  Depending on if you choose to use a physical board or digital board, where you find your images and how you store them may be different.    If you choose to create a Pinterest Board, one suggestion I would make is to really focus on specific areas of self-care or vision to pin for at one time.  Because Pinterest is full of images, it's easy to lose focus and end up on a recipe for Grandma's Banana Pudding.
  5. Apply the images to your medium - use physical pictures to apply to a corkboard or glue to a posterboard or use our FREE Digital Vision Board Templates to create a phone or desktop wallpaper vision board.
  6. Place your vision board somewhere you will see it often.  The power is not just in seeing the vision board but feeling & interacting with it.


This tool is a magical motivator that allows you to work on your self-care practice.  It serves as a way to set goals and achieve them.  A vision board allows you access to momentum and reduces stress levels before stress gets to  you.

Depending on your life, you may choose to create a vision board of one area to your self-care routine or you may choose to work on multiple changes at a time.

Creating a time daily or weekly to specifically interact with your vision board is a great way of maintaining your focus and determination.  I personally use my vision board as my phone wallpaper.  Not only do I see it every time I pick up my phone but I also make time to look at it with intention and purpose.  I feel that it works more effectively this way.  I also do not feel bad when I need to edit the vision board when the images get too dull or I need a change of scenery.


Digital vision boards are not only cost effective because you can find images through Google, Pinterest, or other digital image libraries, but they are easily accessible if it is on your phone or device.  Rather than rummaging for magazine clippings, glue, posterboard, etc. etc., you can simply get the FREE Editable Digital Vision Board Templates HERE. sent straight to your inbox.  Because we are in a digital world and we never leave home without our phones or devices, using your vision board as your wallpaper on your phone or desktop gives you the accessibility and encourages the likelihood that you will see it often.  

Physical Vision Board Must Haves

If you are interested in creating your own physical vision board, Amazon has some great finds above!


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