The Game Changing Method of Healing Burnout with Inner Work with Ce'arra Richards (Ep. 6)

Jul 19, 2022
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Are you still struggling to get a hang of this burnout recovery thing?  Some people can implement some strategies and feel a little better, but often times one very important thing is missing.

Inner work.  Before you can bring your best self into your classroom, you need to ensure that you are regularly monitoring yourself for signs of destructive behavior that end up cycling in burnout.  This is the last episode in the Summer Self-Care for Burnout Recovery Series and the perfect end to this specific series because without this, none of the rest will really matter. 

When it comes to recovering from burnout, there are lots of different methods for inner work and there are many reasons why it is important.  We are covering all of that and more in today's episode and I brought on Ce'arra Richards to join in on the conversation.

Ce’arra Richards is a First Grade Teacher who believes that teachers can Trojan Horse the archaic and failing education system from the inside out by taking rebellious and radical personal responsibility; using inner work to heal. Ce’arra believes that inner child work heals the teacher; therefore impacting the humanization of self and students. Ce’arra has spent eight years teaching first grade at a rural, Title 1, public school; as well as seven years combined as a paraprofessional educator, school secretary, and district grants manager/writer. Although Ce’arra experienced considerable adversity throughout her childhood, through extreme dedication and discipline, Ce’arra put herself through college to reach her dream of becoming a teacher. Ce’arra has also worked extensively to heal her trauma, including her inner child and is currently sharing with teachers how this healing directly affects teaching, reignites passion, prevents burnout, and will reform the failing education system from the inside out.


  • What is the game changing method of inner work?

  • Who is the inner child?  What does inner child work look like?
  • What about teachers who haven't had any trauma?  How does inner child work help them?
  • How inner child work and reparenting impact teachers in their classrooms, with their students, and even outside of the classroom
  • How the inner child and the subconscious impact the nervous system and stress
  • How unhealed teachers impact the archaic education system vs how healed teachers can change it
  • The Importance of Inner work when it comes to Trauma Informed Practices
  • Where you can go to learn more about inner child healing for teachers




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