Ready to start slaying teacher burnout & making a change in the system?

Ditch the overwhelm and get the ultimate roadmap to teacher resilience while building a sustainable and individualized self-care plan so you can stop burning out and start living a balanced life with authenticity.

I need this!

Let me guess...

You are a dedicated educator that got into teaching because you wanted to make an impact in your community, and you keep hearing that you need to take care of you and fill your cup in order to be more effective but no one will tell you HOW, WHEN, or WHERE.  You just can’t get a grip on how to balance your family, your life, AND your professional duties.

You’ve probably felt:

📝Like there's a never ending to-do list and you never have the time to catch up
😫Exhausted from from the ever-increasing demands and lack of respect from your profession
😖Frustrated because you’ve tried self-care menus and nothing seems to stick or feel authentic
😴Tired of researching and spending hours scrolling, waiting for motivation to strike
😓Strained in relationships with co-workers, parents, students, and your family
😔Guilty for wanting more for yourself and your career
🫤Unsure because you know something needs to change but you do not know where to go, what to do, what to start with…

This is so me!

What if…

👉instead of spending hours overthinking your burnout recovery or self-care routine, you had someone who has been there, done that and there to help support your well-being with a toolbox full of instant, evidence-based, individualized strategies and sustainable practices to fill your cup 
👉instead of feeling burned out, frustrated, and drained from the never-ending to-do’s of being an educator, you had a simple process that leaves you feeling reignited, re-energized, and supported
👉instead of feeling overwhelmed, you felt organized and balanced
👉instead of feeling unsupported, overworked, and under-appreciated, you had a mentor and community surrounding you so that so that you can receive a sense of peace, validation, and support
👉instead of feeling like there was never enough time in the day or a way to stay consistent with your self-care with everything that you have to do for your students, you could reclaim your time, squash stress, and continue making an effective and everlasting impact on your students and people you love without sacrificing yourself and your mental health?

Teachers and adults in the school environment need better support.  We know that.  The overall well-being and emotional state of adults in the school directly impact students' Social Emotional Learning as well as their academic achievement.

But support is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to overcoming burnout.

Hey, I'm Brittany!

I’m Brittany, a mom/bonus-mom of five, a special education teacher, teacher mentor, and resilience strategist.  I’m here for teachers like you who need sustainable self-care support that is personalized and simple to implement.

I've been in teacher burnout but self-care menus just weren't cutting it.  The solution?  I realized self-care & resilience were not a one-size fits all mentality.  Each of us are different, unique individuals, each experiencing different struggles at various times in our life, just like the students in my classroom.  No one should have to spend hours a day researching how to not burnout, finding cute graphics for motivation, or adding more things to the "to do" list.
I had a moment (during a parent meeting) where I realized I had a mission.  Using the skills I had learned as a special educator and burnout survivor, I could unite teachers online and empower them to prioritize their self-care and mental health so they could get back to feeling more fulfilled in their career and effective in their classroom.
Since that moment, I’ve helped thousands of teachers make mindful changes to their burnout recovery, reduce stress by implementing quick and simple strategies, identify individualized processes that will allow them to regain power, and recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout.

Introducing the Individualized EduCare Program,

an online course for educators and school leaders to give you the support, tools, and mindset to consistently begin prioritizing your personal needs and get you on the way to beating burnout!
Where You'll Follow the EduCare signature, step-by-step method to creating a sustainable, individualized self-care plan to beat burnout, squash stress, and build educator resilience.
Unlike other programs that give you a menu of items to choose from without telling you how, when, and where; in this program, you'll learn how to integrate your unique preferences, personality, and lifestyle into actionable steps towards reigniting your passion and living the life of your dreams.
How do I get in?

Here's What You Get When You Join:

 6 Module Individualizing Burnout Recovery Course

Designed to help you feel confident and empowered about your self-care and professional goals and routine

Private Facebook community

 for feedback, accountability, and support from other educators working towards the same goal

Individualized EduCare Program Workbook

This workbook was created to follow the 6 modules of the Individualized EduCare Program so that you can immediately analyze, reflect, and put into practice each step of the program.

Quarterly Support Guides

New Guided Self-Care & Resilience Practices added quarterly, designed specifically for burned out teachers

Access to the Growing "Self-Care Support Library"

Full of additional resources about practices you want to learn & downloads to help you achieve the balance you desire!

Group Coaching & Special Guest Experts

Group coaching calls/Special Guest Speakers on different self-care and mental health themes 

Have a say in the presenters and topics included

through the topic request form (aka have a presenter and teacher available to teach you for your specific needs!)


Virtual access to all of the Summer Self-Care Archives (an added Bonus) for being a EduCare Support Squad Member


Module 1




Module 2




Module 3




Module 4

Change Mindset



Module 5




Module 6

Re-evaluate & Reflect



Summer Self-Care All Access Archives

Members of the Individualized EduCare Program get all of the archives & all access pass from the Summer Self-Care Conference
(over $500 value)

Growing Self-Care Support Library

Full of additional resources about practices you want to learn & downloads to help you achieve the balance you desire.  This section includes all of the recordings from any guest presenters & experts.
(over $200 value)

Private Podcast to Listen on the Go

This bonus is perfect for members to listen to the course content on the go or review specific topics.  This bonus is meant to help make the content more accessible for learners.
($47 value)
This is definitely for me!

Happiness Guarantee

The goal for this course & community is to help teachers like you reduce the overwhelm, create an individualized approach to burnout recovery, and build educator resilience.  I am confident that if you work through the modules and apply the lessons, you will see results.

However, if for any reason in the first 7 days you think this course or community isn't working for you, please e-mail [email protected] and we will set up a personalized strategy call to make sure you achieve the results you desired from the Individualized EduCare Program.


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