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Boost Your Energy and Focus: 3 Tips for Reducing Teacher Decision Fatigue (Ep. 34)

Jan 10, 2023

Are you looking for ways to reduce decision fatigue that is impacting you in your classroom or at home? Are you not even sure that's what you are experiencing? In this episode, we are diving deeper into effects of decision fatigue and how it can impact your energy and focus. A lot of teachers don't even realize that some of their normal every day habits in and out of the classroom are leading to additional stress responses that can lead to increased decision fatigue.

In this episode, I am sharing my recent experience realizing something that's been causing me decision fatigue, talk about how this transition period from winter break can really increase the possibility of decision fatigue, give you a couple of ways to really reduce this, and then sprinkle in a little pep talk at the end to really center you towards avoiding and preventing that choice paralysis.

Ready to hear some game-changing ways to reduce decision fatigue so you can boost your energy and focus on the things you love?



  • How decision fatigue can affect your energy and focus
  • Community Shout Out
  • Recent Unexpected Experience with Decision Fatigue
  • Transition from winter break can cause increase in decision fatigue
  • Where Decision Fatigue falls into the Stress Responses of: Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn
  • How decision fatigue manifests in the classroom
  • How to systemize to streamline decision making processes
  • Freebie: The Ultimate Teacher Guide to Reducing Decision Fatigue
  • Using tools that reduce decision fatigue
  • Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Brain Power
  • Chat GPT-3 for Teachers
  • Mini-Pep Talk to Reduce Decision Fatigue






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