Amazon Must Haves for Teachers

Jan 10, 2022
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**As an Amazon Associate I earn for qualifying purchases; however, I never recommend products I do not already or would not use in my classroom.

This is a running list from my Amazon Must Haves that I've reviewed and shared on my TikTok (@msprincessteach).  **The List is in order of most recently shared to TikTok in order to make it easier for viewers to find the links!**


8. Chair Bands for Kids with Fidgety Feet

If you are a teacher of students with special needs, hyperactivity, or other sensory issues, you may want to give Chair Bands a try in your classroom. Studies have shown that the use of this chair bands can help improve the learning experience in the classroom or at home.  This is more than likely because of a scientific phenomenon called the Yerkes-Dodson Law, which which is a curve that shows that performance increases with physiological or mental arousal, but only up to a point.  The use of chair bands can allow students to move their feet to reduce anxiety or keep them awake, which may lead to the optimal end of the Yerkes-Dodson curve.


7. Palm Rejection Stylus for iPad 


If you are someone who uses their iPad for digital planning, writing, drawing, or maybe you thought it was out of your price range, you need this Amazon Stylus pen for ipad with palm rejection.  It is comparable in size and accuracy to its more pricey competitor.  It is touch activated and automatically powers off to save battery life.  I like that it offers a C type charging port so that I can charge my ipad and stylus at the same time.  This stylus is just as precise and highly sensitive as the Apple Pencil without the higher price tag.  I am also a huge fan of the design with a better grip so that a silicone sleeve isn't really necessary to adjust the grip.

6. USB Microphone 

Whether you are virtual teaching, hybrid, remote, whatever one staple every teacher should have is a good microphone.  It doesn't have to be the most expensive one but because students require quality, clarity, and understanding, it is definitely a must have for your teacher desk!  This microphone sticks out to me because it's USB compatible, plug and play, contains a tripod for easy mounting on your desk, and comes with a pop filter & shock mount.  Plus it's relatively inexpensive and works just like the more pricey competitors. 

5. Push Bubble Pop Sensory Fidgets

One of my favorite fidgets for students is this Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget. Because these bubbles make a slight popping sound, they can be used for any student (or teacher) that needs to destress. This is a great fidget for students with autism, anxiety, ADHD, and can even be used as a learning tool. For example, students can segment phonemes by popping the bubbles in each color row to get a visual and tactile input. When you've popped your bubbles, flip it over and start again.


4. Foldable and Adjustable Monitor Stand


I am obsessed with this foldable and adjustable monitor stand. It gives me that extra space for storage and organization which is definitely necessary for my teacher desk. It is also ergonomic so you are looking at your monitor at eye level and not straining your neck. I love that it has a built in pull out stand for my phone or tablet and this cute little storage drawer for convenient storage

3. Jelly Comb Bluetooth Keyboard for Multiple Devices


This Jelly Comb bluetooth keyboard is my absolute favorite Amazon find for virtual teaching. It comes with a silicone keyboard skin to protect your keyboard from wear and tear, and it can connect to two different devices simultaneously, like your tablet and iphone or your laptop, and you can switch device at the press of a button. Not only that but it has a built in stand slot for your tablet or phone , which makes it easy to maneuver and type on your device. This keyboard comes in multiple colors but I love this mint green!

2. Silicone Sleeve for Apple Pencil 


I get a lot of questions about which stylus I use for my digital planning and iPad. I actually use an Apple Pencil but like some of my students, I struggled with maintaining control, this silicone sleeve gives you a better grip on the slippery apple pencil and matched my composition notebook iPad case which is hitting on all the teacher aesthetic.

1. Jot Til You Drop Paper Feel iPad Screen Protector


This paper feel screen protector literally feels you are writing on paper. If you are a teacher who uses a tablet or ipad for note taking, digital planning (which I'm obsessed with currently), or anything where you write on your ipad, then you need this paper feel screen protector. It's super easy to install and comes in a pack of one or two with all the tools you need apply it seemlessly. This is a really great amazon find for students, too.


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