Hey, I'm Brittany.



Hey, y'all!  I'm Brittany!


I am a special educator, wife and mom of five, and self-care strategist for overwhelmed & burned out teachers, parents, and students.


As a veteran teacher who has been burned out professionally and personally, I help educators prioritize their self-care and mental health with digital resources, sustainable strategies, and hand crafted products.

Being an educator and writing individualized education plans for my students, I recognized educators also need individualized approaches especially in regards to their mental health supports. 


I've always found it surprising that even though teachers are surrounded by SO MANY PEOPLE (like literally can't take a moment to potty or enjoy your lunch without someone needing you), teaching can feel lonely.  In fact, when I was at my lowest going through a divorce after my second baby and teaching arguably one of the most difficult classes of my career, I remember thinking:

I can't talk to anyone in my building about my personal problems.

I have to keep my personal things at home and try to deal with school on my own.

What is wrong with me?  Why can't I get it all done?

Maybe teaching isn't for me after all...

...maybe you've felt some (or all) of these things too.


The truth is, teaching has always been my calling, but I needed someone who had been there before, reminding me that it was okay to take care of my mental health and my family, and someone to help create sustainable strategies and routines so that I could pull myself out of burnout.  I didn't find that person but that is why I vowed to be that for others.


I get the most out of being an educator, creator, and out of the box thinker.  I want to be the one who gives you the knowledge, products, scents with descriptions, and support  you need to create your individualized routine for your personal and professional growth.


I want to be your reminder that you are valuable, you are enough, and nudge you to make little changes in your life that will nurture your mind, body, and soul.  I want to motivate you to be the best you in this challenging, stressful, and rewarding position.


Because sometimes, we need that friend and cheerleader that has walked in the trenches to develop sustainable routines with products to reduce stress and anxiety so that we are filling our cup and able to give to the ones who need us the most.

So, whatever got you here - whether it's the need for additional organization, teacher burnout, overwhelm, etc. - I am so glad you are here (and you are DEFINITELY not alone!).  My ultimate goal is to remind you to pour into yourself - mind, body, and soul. Whether you are a teacher, a student, a parent, or anyone in between, you are worthy of self love and self care and I'm here to be your personal cheerleader. 

My Why Behind It All


I truly think teachers are some of the hardest working and passionate people out there. Our jobs are hard, underappreciated, and so very important — however; teachers aren’t given the professional development, support, and respect  they deserve. I believe there would be less burnout if teachers were given a step by step approach to creating individualized self-care plans and there was an overall bigger emphasis on mental health in educat

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But what if I don't even know what my dreams are any more?

You're not alone and that is exactly why I created the Ultimate Guide to Digital Vision Boards and the FREE Editable Digital Vision Board Template so that you can reimagine your life and begin the journey of self-care and self-discovery with a purpose!  This tool was made for you to start dreaming!

  • I am married to my absolute best friend, Brooks.
  • Together we have FIVE kids - Noah (19), Emma (16), Adalyn (7), Liam (7), and Avery (4).
  • I teach 7th and 8th grade Special Education in South Carolina.
  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master's degree in Special Education.
  • In my free time, I love to create and travel.
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