56. 3 Ways to Stress Less Starting this Summer & Beat Burnout Next School Year

Jun 13, 2023

Ever wonder how the chronic stress from teaching is impacting your summer lifestyle?

While summer break is the ultimate goal of resting and recharging; stress knows no rest. Its impact on our bodies lingers, even in the moments of supposed tranquility, silently eroding our well-being. The weird period of transition from heavy stress-induced overwork in teaching to summer break can be a shock to your nervous system and you need evidence-based ways to get yourself regulated this summer.

In this episode, we are going to chat about why stress causes teachers to experience sickness, anxiety, overcommitment, and/or total exhaustion in the summer and the three simple ways you can stress less so you can get out of living the same burned out year time and time again. So what do you say? You ready to live your best hot teacher summer life?



  • How Chronic Stress Shows Up on Summer Break
  • Why do teachers get sick at the beginning of summer
  • The sneaky reason you can't sit still once summer starts
  • How over-planning and overcommitting in the summer is leading towards burnout in the fall
  • How chronic stress is leaving you unable to get off your couch
  • Why Prioritizing Pause is Essential to Enjoying the Present Moment
  • How the Present Moment is Being Stolen By Stress
  •  3 Evidence Based Ways to Stress Less 


  • Join one of the Events this summer to get more community, support, and innovative strategies from more teacher experts so you can get back into alignments and burnout free this school year
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