55. Why Summer Break is the Best Time To Begin Teacher Burnout Recovery: The 3 Essential Steps to Using Summer to Break the Burnout Cycle

Jun 06, 2023

Ready to finally get out of teacher burnout cycle this summer once and for all? Stop right now and give this one a listen!

Teachers often think that summer break is the ideal time to kick burnout to the curb, but the sad truth is that summer is not THE SOLUTION, but it is one of the essential ingredients needed.  (And spoiler alert, leaving the classroom isn't either) There is however a crucial stage in the burnout cycle where recovery is possible and Summer Break could be just the tool you've been looking for!

The 3 Essential Steps to Using Summer to Break the Burnout Cycle

Knowing the Signs, Symptoms, and Stages of Burnout - those are important to awareness of the problem.  In this episode, we talk about the four stages of the burnout cycle, why summer is not the solution but it is a tool, and the three simple steps you can take this summer to ensure that you use this season wisely and finally break the patterns that have been holding you back.


  • The 4 Stages of the Burnout Cycle
  • The symptoms you might be experiencing teacher burnout
  • The Most Critical Stage for Burnout Recovery 
  • How Summer can be used as a tool in this stage for burnout recovery
  • Summer is not the cure all for burnout
  • The 3 Essential Steps You Can Use This Summer to Break the Burnout Cycle


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