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54. Teacher Pep Talk: How to Break Free from Your Comfort Zone for Career Success

May 30, 2023

One of the things that holds teachers back from getting out of burnout or recovering from burnout is the fear of failure and stepping outside of their comfort zone. Many don't realize how this is an essential step in breaking the burnout cycle and igniting personal and professional growth. Join us as we explore the reasons behind this resistance, the transformative potential of embracing discomfort, and actionable strategies to break free from the gravitational pull of the familiar. Discover how facing fears, adopting a limitless mindset, and gradually expanding comfort zones can lead to resilience, professional advancement, and a renewed passion for teaching.

You're not alone in this because even I am having to step outside of my comfort zone in order to pursue my dreams and be the best me. Listen in as I share what's to come and how we can break free from the comfort zone TOGETHER.


  • JK Rowling's story of venturing out of the comfort zone
  • What is the comfort zone for teachers?  
  • Why do teachers stay stuck and stagnant in their careers?
  • What is the psychology behind the comfort zone?
  • How fear impacts our comfort zone
  • Growth and Comfort CANNOT coexist
  • Four Things You Can Do this Summer to Get out of Your Comfort Zone
  • How I am Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone for My Personal and Professional Growth






The Resilient Teacher Podcast is the show that will give overwhelmed educators the support, tools, and mindset to reduce teacher burnout and keep teaching sustainable. Each week, Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed. & her guests will share inspiration and actionable steps to avoid or recover from the dreaded teacher burnout. You'll be inspired to individualize self-care and learn to prioritize your well-being and mental health, all while making a bigger impact on your classrooms and community.



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