5 Simple Automations to Streamline Teaching & Squash Stress [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]

Mar 28, 2023

If you spend hours writing your to-do list and constantly having more and more added to your plate as a teacher...then you more than likely could use some help from one of my favorite tools for reducing stress - (drum roll please) - AUTOMATION. I get a lot of questions from teachers about how to handle job creep, never having enough time, and always feeling a little behind...look, I don't know why no one is talking about it but automation pretty much changed my life. I use automated systems in my teaching career, personal life, and even at home (which sounds robotic but it's not!)

I will tell anyone who listens to me that automation saved my sanity and gave me back the time I needed to spend on my students and living my life. Here's the thing, there are tons of automation tools out there but if you just plug and play random things without intention or purpose, it's just going to be another thing on your list of to-do's. That's why in this episode, we are going to talk about how being spread too thin can impact students and teachers alike, automation as a tool to fix this, and then the five simple ways you can incorporate automation in your classroom today.


  • The importance of automation in achieving work-life balance and sustainability in teaching.
  • Job creep, the constant addition of tasks to a teacher's workload, can be detrimental to their well-being and productivity.
  • When teachers are spread too thin, the quality of work suffers, which can negatively impact students.
  • Automation can help streamline repetitive tasks and prioritize responsibilities, giving teachers more time and energy to focus on what matters.
  • Automation tools can be thought of as personal teacher assistants and do not necessarily require technology.
  • Five simple ways to incorporate automation in the classrooms today.
  • Automation is not a replacement for human teachers.
  • How to avoid Automation adding more to the list of to-do's
  • Utilizing an automation system where multiple things work together has the best return on investment






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