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Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Achieving Sustainability without Sacrificing Your Life [SUSTAINABILITY SERIES]

Mar 07, 2023

Sustainability Secrets: Teach Smarter, Not Harder.

If you put one hundred teachers in a room together and asked them what would make teaching a sustainable career, they would all give you different answers.  However, those answers would all fit within three different areas: Support, Action, and Mindset, which are the Spheres to Sustainable Teaching.  If you ask 100 teachers if teaching has ever made them sacrifice their personal life, 95% of them would say that it has.  That's why we've got to start working smarter, not harder if we want to sustain this career long-term.


Why Working Smarter, Not Harder, Is Key to Being an Effective Teacher

A common misconception that many educators fall prey to is that in order to be an effective educator you have to work longer hours, take work home, and do EVERYTHING you can. It's easy to believe that the more time you put into your work, the better your outcomes will be. However, the truth is that working longer hours often leads to burnout and ultimately hinders your effectiveness as a teacher. In this episode, we will bust this myth and give you the keys to shifting your mindset in the second episode of The Sustainability Series.


  • Story Time
  • The Biggest Myth About Sustainable Teaching: Busted!
  • The Impossible Trap that Teachers Need to Escape
  • What Teachers Are Trying to Prove as Effective Teachers
    • How this is different from other jobs 
  • More Hours Does Not Equate to Better Teaching
  • The Number One Problem Teachers Have
  • Prioritizing Impact: The Key to Unlocking Working Smarter, Not Harder
  • How to Determine which tasks are sustainable in teaching









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