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Why Your Teacher Planner is not Going to Solve Your Teacher Burnout Issues (but what will) (Ep. 30)

Dec 13, 2022

Teacher planners are a hot commodity. You see your teacher friends come to meetings with their pretty highlighted, color coded, and washi taped pages because planners help you stay on track, right? Statistically speaking, no. A new teacher planner is not going to solve all of your teacher burnout problems. 

Instead, it is possible for your planner to be CAUSING you more issues? Don't get me wrong, I love a good planner. My personal favorite way to plan is through digital planning, which I have turned into a complete work flow for all things teaching related. In this episode, I dive into why your teacher planner is not going to get you out of burnout and what we can do to really hack our system and use our planner as a tool to beat burnout.


  • New Planner Season: Don't get caught up in the hype

  • WHY your teacher planner isn't getting you out of burnout

  • Why you're using it incorrectly

  • Planner vs Calendar

  • Achievement & Reward Cycle Correlation to Stress Cycle

  • The benefits of creating a planning system that works specifically for you

  •  Grab my planning system to hack burnout






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