Is Your Addiction to Stress Keeping You Stuck in Teacher Burnout? (Ep. 20)

Oct 04, 2022

Have you been trying to recover from teacher burnout and it seems like nothing you can do is helping? One thing that many people never even consider is that after being in survival mode for a prolonged period of time, our bodies can actually become addicted to the stress hormones. So, if you feel like you're struggling with getting a hold on burnout, it is possible that you too could be addicted to stress. 

In this episode, I am sharing with you how being addicted to stress can keep you in the burnout cycle, how our bodies become addicted to stress subconciously, how to tell if you are addicted to stress, and what we can do about it. If you haven't listened to episodes 4 and 13, then I totally recommend going back and listening to those episodes that cover the stress cycle, the five stages of the stress cycle, and evidence-based ways to end the stress cycle and why that is important.


  • How being addicted to stress can keep you stuck in the burnout cycle
  • Community Shout Out
  • What is stress addiction?
  • How does stress addiction occur within our bodies
  • How the pandemic impacted more of us being addicted to stress
  • What is the science behind becoming addicted to stress?
  • How to know if you are a stress addict
  • Signs and symptoms of stress addiction
  • Ways to break the addiction and coping skills to incorporate so you can move through burnout again






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