Transforming Teacher Burnout Mess to an Inspiring Teacher Burnout Message with Self-Care with Rachel Lenhart (Ep. 19)

Sep 27, 2022

If you are a teacher who wondered if you were alone feeling burned out, let me assure you that...YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Thousands of educators struggle with the mess of burnout, but educators like me and my special guest today, we transformed our burnout mess into a burnout message. In this episode, Rachel Lenhart and I discuss the number one thing that evolves educators from burnout to balance, the importance of educator self-care, practical burnout prevention with Rachel's NEWStrategies, bite-sized practices you can implement to take care of you, and our discussion on teachers leaving the classroom. Rachel and I were fast friends, and I think you're going to love her perspectives!

Rachel Lenhart, who you may know as @chalkfulloflife, is a veteran educator of 20 years. She burned myself completely out, not once, but twice. She decided to turn my mess into her mission and help other teachers avoid making the same mistakes she did. She now teaches teachers how to live their BEST LIFE both in and out of the classroom.



  • Resilient Teacher Shoutout
  • Rachel's Burnout Mess to Burnout Message Story
  • The Number ONE thing that transforms burned out teachers that no one is talking about (11:01)
  • The Importance of Educator Self-Care (13:40)
  • Self-Care for Burnout Prevention with best NEWStrategies (14:53)
  • How to Create Time for Self-Care in a Busy Schedule (18:25)
  • 3 Bite-Sized Self-Care for Busy Teachers (21:24)
  • What can be done to keep teachers in the field? (14:35)
  • Self-Care & Work-Life Balance Basics (32:24)
  • Recommended Books from Rachel (34:20)







The Resilient Teacher Podcast is the show that will give overwhelmed educators the support, tools, and mindset to reduce teacher burnout and keep teaching sustainable. Each week, Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed. & her guests will share inspiration and actionable steps to avoid or recover from the dreaded teacher burnout. You'll be inspired to individualize self-care and learn to prioritize your well-being and mental health, all while making a bigger impact on your classrooms and community.

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