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3 Simple Steps to Managing Your Limited Teacher Planning Time & Reduce Stress with Special Guest Stephanie Palovchik (Ep. 17)

Sep 13, 2022


Are you one of those teachers who never has enough time?  Are you swimming in the million to-dos?  You guys have been flooding my messages about how overwhelmed you are with everything you have to do and never having time to do it.  That's why I brought my friend Stephanie from @teachinglittleleaders to the show to talk about limited prep time and getting stuff done so you can proactively cope with your stress.

Stephanie is a productivity expert for elementary teachers, and the founder of Teaching Little Leaders. She’s also a Kindergarten teacher and the host of The Teacher Time Podcast. Stephanie helps lower elementary teachers get planned and prepped during the school day with simple time management strategies and easy-to-use templates. As a toddler mama, full time Kindergarten teacher, and resource creator, she knows that busy teachers like you need solid systems so they can feel less overwhelmed and more present in their day to day lives. Stephanie helps teachers lean into their unique abilities to engage students so they can spend less time prepping activities and more time doing the best part of their job - teaching students!


  • Resilient Teacher Community Shoutout
  • Who is Stephanie?
  • Proactive Coping & Decision Fatigue
  • What is decision fatigue?
  • Why do so many teachers experience decision fatigue?
  • 3 Simple Steps for Managing Limited Teacher Planning Time
  • How getting clear on your "must dos" and "may dos" will help you set boundaries & reduce stress
  • Why creating a solid routine is the key to productivity
  • What should your prep time routine look like?
  • The FREE Ultimate Teacher To-Do List for Getting Stuff Done


  • Stephanie's Ultimate Teacher To Do List for Getting Stuff Done - GRAB IT FOR FREE!
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