Teacher Burnout to Boundaries with Spencer Cotter (Ep. 15)

Aug 30, 2022


We know that teacher boundaries are some of the biggest buzz words right now in education, and for a very good reason!  Teacher boundaries are arguably one of the most important factors to sustaining a career in education long term.  They keep you happy, healthy, and whole.  

According to the American Federation of Teachers 2017 Educator Quality of Work Life Survey, 61 percent of teachers said their jobs were always or often stressful, which is more than double the rate of non-teaching working adults.  58 percent of these teachers indicated that they had poor mental health due to stress levels.  

Perhaps you are one of those teachers who is on the edge of breakdown.  You want to make an impact but it all just seems like too much – parents, student behavior, curriculum, trainings, and meetings.  You feel like you’re giving your all to teaching and still not making a dent in the growing to-do lists of being an educator.  Here’s the thing –  In order to address the growing concerns of and effectively teach, model, and coach the Social Emotional Learning of our students, we must also focus on the Social Emotional Learning of the adults in the school environment as well.  The emotional well being of the adults in our schools directly impacts our students’ well-being and academic achievement.   That's why I teamed up with Spencer Cotter to talk about the most essential boundaries teachers can start setting today that will help support their personal professional lives.  In this episode, Spencer and I chat about must have boundaries, teacher people pleasers, boundaries for social media, and weekend boundaries to support you in setting your limits and maintaining the energy you need to be the best teacher you can be.

Spencer is a teacher mentor who helps teachers prioritize themselves, live more than they work and create lives where burnout doesn’t stand a chance. She loves to challenge old narratives / historical norms in order to break the burnout cycle and is creating a ripple effect of teachers putting themselves first and falling back in love with their job, and their life.


  • Resilient Teacher Shoutout
  • How did Spencer get into supporting educators?
  • Spencer's Burnout story and what lead to her burnout
  • Signs of Needing Boundaries
  • Teacher People Pleasing and the Unique Challenges that Come with this Personality Type
  • Must Have Weekend Boundaries for Teachers
  • The Most Important Boundaries that Teachers can set
  • Advice for teachers afraid of what others may think when they set boundaries
  • How to Overcome the Guilt and Fear of Setting Boundaries
  • Teacher Norms We are No Longer Accepting
  • Social Media Boundaries for Teachers
  • Boundaries to Support Self-Love and Self-Care
  • Where to find Spencer







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