Boundary-Setting for Educators: Protecting Your Peace from Teacher Drama and Workplace Negativity (EP. 40)

Feb 21, 2023



Is negativity impacting your teacher burnout?

Have you ever been around a colleague who is constantly negative? Maybe someone who talked negatively about others around them, was spreading gossip, or just never stopped complaining long enough to look for a solution to a problem? As if teaching isn't hard enough as it is, dealing with constant negativity or workplace drama is a real vibe killer. So how do you want to navigate this negativity?

By creating and enforcing authentic teacher boundaries, you can protect yourself from workplace negativity and drama.

Here on The Resilient Teacher Podcast, we are all about authenticity. So instead of giving you some generic boundaries that might not be your style or what you need, we're going to talk about how to activate your self-awareness and use it as a tool to building boundaries that will support you long-term.



  • Quick Announcement: New Series coming soon!
  • How toxicity and negativity show up for us as educators
    • How this has shown up recently for me
  • What our triggers in the workplace indicate for teacher wellness
  • The emotions that signal the need for teacher boundaries
  • The importance of self-awareness in boundary setting
    • 5 Questions You can Reflect on for authentic boundary setting
  • The ICE method to set boundaries
  • How to navigate setting boundaries even when we are worried about what someone else will think or feel when we do








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