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90. How to Handle the Teacher Burnout Trifecta: Stress, Sickness, and Sub Plans

Jan 23, 2024

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Are you feeling the weight of the teaching world on your shoulders, especially when it comes to those dreaded sick days?  As teachers, we've all been there – waking up feeling under the weather, yet the thought of calling in sick seems more daunting than sucking it up in the classroom. But here's the thing: it's time to break this cycle of overwhelm and guilt.

In this episode, we dive deep into the silent struggle that is the teacher's sick day dilemma. Why do we often find ourselves feeling worse right when we need a break the most? It's not just bad luck – there's science behind it. And more importantly, there are solutions. We're talking about real, actionable strategies to manage those inconvenient sick days without adding to our stress load.  We'll dive into ways to automate your sub plans and help you feel more empowered to rest and heal the next time you're under the weather.


  • Overcoming Sick Day Challenges for Teachers
    • Teacher guilt and working through sickness
    • Systemic pressures in education regarding sick days
  • 4 Effective Sick Day Preparation Strategies
  • The effect of stress on teacher health
  • How to Automate Sub Plans for Teacher Efficiency
    • 4 Tools to Help You Make Sub Plans Quicker & Easier
  • Teacher Burnout: Balancing Self-Care and Professional Expectations
  • How to Create a Self-Running Classroom: Preparing for Teacher Absences
  • Encouraging Teachers to Prioritize Health and Wellness


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