66. The Magic of Mindset to Avoid Back to School Burnout

Aug 08, 2023

Have you ever sat down and had the thought how do some teachers not burnout? How do they seem to get everything to go their way? Why do they get the best classes and live a great life? And what do they have that I don't?

I know that I have. If you're feeling that way, the number one thing that those teachers have that you don't is a fine-tuned mindset. With back to school season upon us, I'm here to let you know that just because you don't have the mindset right now, doesn't mean it's a lost cause!

In this episode, we will discuss the science behind changing your mindset and bring you actionable tips to making this year a burnout-proof back to school season with 3 powerful mindset hacks.



  • The two different types of teachers during back-to-school season: Stressed vs. Excited teachers.
  • The role of mindset in shaping the back-to-school experience and overall well-being.
  • Understanding the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and its influence on changing your teacher burnout mindset
  • How to train and upgrade the RAS for more positive experiences and outcomes.
  • The emotional rollercoaster of going back to school and dealing with various emotions.
  • 3 Practical Mindset Shifts to manifest a burnout-free school year
    • The importance of clarity and solution-focused thinking in achieving burnout-proof back-to-school seasons.
    • The power of gratitude in rewiring the brain and promoting a positive outlook on life.
    • Using positive affirmations to reinforce a growth mindset and enhance personal growth
  • Understanding the science behind mindset shifts and how they impact overall well-being.
  • The significance of awareness in recognizing and changing negative belief systems.
  • How to create authentic teacher affirmations for personal empowerment.
  • The connection between mindset and success in teaching and life.
  • Taking action to program the brain for success and positive experiences.
  • Embracing stress and burnout as insights into our subconscious belief systems.
  • The challenge of actively programming the brain to achieve desired outcomes.







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