61. Tapping into Joyful Living Inside & Outside of the Classroom: Strategies for Teacher Happiness with Special Guest Maddy Fry

Jul 11, 2023

Reclaiming Joy Amongst Burnout: Empowering Teachers to Rediscover Happiness in the Classroom

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed to the max, and just to the point of no return in burnout, joy is probably the furthest thing from your mind.  But what if I told you reclaiming joy is the key to breaking free from this burnout trap.

Now, I get it. You might be thinking, "Here comes another dose of toxic positivity, brushing off my struggles." But hold on a second. Reclaiming joy is not about slapping on a fake smile or pretending that everything is rainbows and unicorns. It's about recognizing the immense challenges you face as a teacher and still finding moments of genuine happiness because YOU DESERVE IT.

Strategies for Teacher Well-being: Cultivating Joy and Overcoming Burnout

That's why in this episode we chat with Maddy Fry, as she shares her insights into finding joy even during those really crappy seasons, finding motivation when life gives you lemons, the power of summer for achieving your goals, and why community is the key for fostering joy.

Maddy Fry is a Joyful Living coach & mentor who works with women and female entrepreneurs to grow their mindsets so they can live a joyful life that they are obsessed with. Maddy believes that when you make small, intentional changes in life, you will see greater results than trying to make the big leaps all at once. She has worked as a Joyful Living mentor for two years and one-on-one with business owners and budding entrepreneurs for over a year. Maddy has helped hundreds of women take the action needed in order to live a joyful life of intention and purpose through her podcast and online presence as @LivingnSunshine on Instagram.


  • How to Live Joyfully Even When Experiencing Burnout
  • Letting Go of Expectations: Breaking free from others' expectations and discovering the freedom to pursue joy.
  • Finding Joy in Daily Life: Tips for teachers to find joy and let go of expectations during busy and challenging seasons.
  • Prioritizing Joy: Making space in your daily schedule for activities that bring you joy, even during busy times.
  • Swapping Habits for Joy: Replacing unfulfilling habits with joyful activities to create a more satisfying daily life.
  • Small Changes, Big Impact: Understanding the power of small daily deposits of joy and how they can transform your life.
  • The importance of summer for working on personal goals (0:13:13)
  • Cultivating Motivation: Harnessing motivation through discipline, celebrating successes, and aligning with personal love languages.
    • Maintaining motivation throughout the school year (0:20:22)
  • Building Community for Joy: Exploring the significance of community in fostering a joyful life and practical steps to build a supportive community.
  • All About Maddy's Session at the Summer Self-Care Conference


  • Grab your FREE ticket to the 2023 Summer Self-Care Conference coming July 21-23rd, 2023 & Learn more from Maddy in her session. The Summer Self-Care Conference is a FREE LIVE virtual conference for educators to beat burnout, work smarter (not harder), and live their best lives in and out of the classroom with over 20+ teacher expert presenters, giveaways, prizes, and SO MUCH MORE
    • "Why Community is Crucial for Living a Joyful Life" | Maddy Fry

      4:00-4:30 - Q&A in the Facebook Group

      As a teacher, you are constantly surrounded by other people, both big and small. But are you actually connecting and creating a true community around you? Humans are social creatures on a biological level and must have a community around them to feel seen, supported, and encouraged to live a joyful life. In this 30-minute workshop, you are going to be learning not only the importance of creating and being a part of a larger community but also how to create a community you thrive in! If you are ready to feel more deeply connected to a community and live more joyfully, be sure to join this summer self-care session!







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