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60. Unlocking Classroom Success: 4 Types of Systems You Need to Stress Less & Sustain Your Career [Summer Self-Care Series] with Special Guest Samantha Holcomb

Jul 07, 2023

The Power of Systems for Beating Teacher Burnout

Are you a teacher struggling to get out of teacher burnout? Long hours, demanding responsibilities, and the constant juggling act of managing a classroom can take a toll on even the most passionate educators. But what if there was a way to alleviate some of that stress and sustain your career in the long run? In this episode, Samantha Holcomb joins us as we chat all about the transformative power of teacher systems and how they can be your secret weapon in combating burnout while unlocking classroom success.


Supporting Teachers: How Systems Can Help Reduce Burnout and Enhance Success

Most teachers have a routine or two that they run in their classroom, but routines and systms are very different. Systems are what you need. By implementing strategic systems, you can regain control, streamline your workflow, and find more joy in teaching. In this episode, we explore four types of systems specifically designed to support teachers in reducing burnout, enhancing productivity, and fostering a sustainable career.

Sam Holcomb went from the world of engineering to high school science teacher, and it was hard! That first year of teaching she had a 2 year old and 2 month old with 7 middle school math and science preps to balance. Most weeks were completely stressed and sleep deprived until she made the connection that the engineering and lean efficiency systems from her "previous life" would be the tools to simplify the time and energy spent on seemingly endless to-do lists. Now in year 6, and having to learn 16 different courses to teach, shes determined to make sure everyone can implement simple systems to their classroom and home life!


  • Samantha's Journey from Engineer to High School teacher
  • Lessons learned from a rough first year and finding the right fit
  •  What are systems and why are they important?
  • Trash can rule and its application in the classroom
  • Applying systems to manage stuffed animals at home
  • Genius Laundry Room Hack for Kids' Socks
  • Teacher Stress: Struggles and Strategies
  • Block System: Managing Time and Boundaries as a Teacher
  • Creating Template Rubrics for Efficient Grading
  • Connecting with Samantha: Instagram, Podcast, Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy
  • About Samantha's session at the 2023 Summer Self-Care Conference


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"3 Simple Systems To Maximize your Time and Minimize your Work" | Samantha Holcomb

8:00-8:30 - Q&A in the Facebook Group

Feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending lists or the "not enough hours in the day" mantra is Teacher Stress 101. We all struggle with not only wanting more time in our day, but wanting to use it on OUR terms. In this session, we will discuss 3 simple productivity systems (that almost every "big wig" and major corporation use) that are easy to implement, and will earn you back your free time the longer you use them. Let's chat block scheduling, using templates, and how SOP's can all be a time-saving game changer! Don't worry, I wouldn't give you something that only works in one area of your life. Together, we will implement all 3 of these systems into your work, home, and personal life to make the most of your time and minimize your effort!






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