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57. From Burnout to Business: How Starting a Side Hustle This Summer Can Reignite Passion for Teaching with Special Guest Christina Welty

Jun 20, 2023

Are you ready to reignite your passion and let your creativity shine? It's time to share your amazing gifts with the world! And guess what? Summer is the perfect season to kickstart a side hustle and connect with fellow teachers.

When you're stuck in burnout, being creative can feel like a daunting task. The stress and overwhelm can hold you back from getting into that magical state of flow. But don't worry, I've got something exciting to share in this episode! Starting a side hustle this summer can actually help reignite your passion, unleash your creativity, and even bring in some extra cash for your financial well-being. Plus, I'll introduce you to my friend, Christina, who used her unique gifts to make a real impact on student achievement outside of her four walls of her classroom.

Christina Welty, an Education Consultant who works with schools and districts to tackle the biggest obstacles that hinder student success. But that's not all! Christina is also a pro at building marketing and sales funnels for education entrepreneurs. She knows exactly how to turn ideal client leads into high-paying customers, and she's so passionate about it that she guarantees you'll land three new high-ticket clients while working with her. And if you don't, she'll keep working with you for free until you do!

So, are you ready to embrace your creativity, share your gifts, and make a difference this summer? Tune in to this episode and get inspired by Christina's incredible journey. It's time to reignite your passion and embark on an exciting side hustle adventure!



  • How Creativity & Flow Can Help Bust Teacher Burnout
  • Sharing your gifts through a side hustle can help you overcome burnout challenges & stress
  • The power of the side hustle
  • Christina's Journey from Teacher to Administrator to Educational Consultant
  • How Christina's mindset of Lesson Planning Helped Her build a business
  • How Christina's passion led to her making over 6 figures as a business owner without paid advertising
  • How creating marketing funnels can help you make money as a teacher using your creativity and teaching resources
  • The first step a teacher who is considering building a business to beat burnout should do
  • How giving your resources for free is hurting your self-confidence and self-care
  • How Burnout Causes Imposter Syndrome and How Starting a Side Hustle this Summer can Help you Overcome this






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