52. Financial Self-Care for Teachers: Strategies to Reduce Stress and Change Your Money Mindset with Special Guest Emily Maretsky

May 16, 2023


One of the most not-talked-about factors of teacher burnout is our finances. Our financial health impacts our overall well-being, alongside physical, emotional, and social aspects. As educators, financial stress can weigh heavily on us, exacerbating burnout. A study by Stanford University found that teachers experience higher levels of economic and financial anxiety compared to other professions. Many teachers struggle to make ends meet, leading to chronic worry and even the need for second jobs.

But there is a way forward. By prioritizing financial literacy and making smart decisions, we can reduce stress levels and gain a sense of empowerment. In this episode, we interview Emily Maretsky, a financial coach specializing in helping educators. Emily shares practical strategies, retirement options, and tips for achieving financial health. Join us as we debunk financial myths, break free from scarcity mindset, and explore how financial self-care is essential for teacher well-being.



  • How lack of financial self-care leads to teacher burnout
  • Surprising statistic about teacher financial anxiety
  • How Emily got started with being the TeacherFinancialCoach
  • The Biggest Challenges Teachers Face
  • How to Overcome These Challenges
  • What Financial Mistakes are Teachers Making
  • Practical Strategies for Teacher to Improve Financial Well-Being
  • How Teachers can Stay Motivated & Focused on Financial Goals even with setbacks
  • Books & Resources for Teachers Wanting to Get Started with Improving Financial Health
  • Where You Can Find Emily








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