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When It's Time to Move On: Understanding Teacher Burnout and Transitioning Out of the Classroom with Daphne Gomez

Apr 25, 2023

Are you a burned out teacher wondering if it's time to move on and transition out of the classroom? You're definitely not alone. In the last couple of years, the number of teachers leaving the profession has sky-rocketed and while I'm here to help you navigate teacher burnout, I truly believe that you should have all the resources you need to make the best decision for you. I never want a teacher to feel like there are not options available because you should never feel stuck or feel like you have to choose your health or your career. That's why in today's episode, we are chatting with Daphne Gomez, who you might know as the Teacher Career Coach, about her journey in education, how to gain clarity around if and when you should leave the classroom, types of career options available, and the transferrable skills that every teacher has (and you should totally add to your resume).

After navigating her own career transition from teaching in 2017, Daphne Gomez founded Teacher Career Coach to support other teachers thinking of making a change. She launched the first complete coaching program of its kind, the Teacher Career Coach Course in 2019 and also hosts the popular Teacher Career Coach Podcast each week. Daphne has created a judgement-free community dedicated to helping educators find happiness in their careers - inside or outside the classroom.


  • Daphne's Journey through Burnout to Teacher Career Coach
  • How to Gain Clarity on if Leaving the Profession is Right for you
  • Three Options for Making a Change When You're Misaligned in Your Career
  • How Environment Can Impact Your Teacher Burnout
  • How leaving teaching doesn't mean you give up on education
  • Possible career path pivots for teachers
  • Transferrable skills that teachers have in any career path
  • The Teacher Career Coach Quiz: What Career Outside of the Classroom is Right for You?
  • Teacher Career Coach Resources to Help You Determine if You to Transition Out of the Classroom








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