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How to Tackle Your Teacher To Do List & Love Teaching Again with Special Guest Jamie Sears

Apr 11, 2023

Are you a teacher struggling to find joy in your job? Do you feel overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list and burned out by the education system? Hey, I'm with you. I know that feeling. And so does the special guest in today's episode.

This overwhelming to do list that so many teachers struggle with - sometimes, it is put on us by the broken education system and other times, we might be putting tasks on it that just don't make a difference. That's why it's important to differentiate between self-inflicted burnout and the systemic issues within education. In this podcast episode, Jamie Sears sheds light on the "Good Teacher Narrative" that's holding many teachers back and provides her personal definition of what makes a "good teacher". She also shares her insights on the "Marshmallow Effect" and how it relates to teachers and job creep. Don't miss Jamie's number one piece of advice for teachers who think they can't fall back in love with teaching again, and learn how to approach your to-do list with intention and purpose.

Jamie Sears is a fun-loving mom, wife, entrepreneur, and forever teacher at heart. She is also the author of How to Love Teaching Again. After several years in the classroom, her passion to make teaching fun and effective for students and teachers alike inspired her to start Not So Wimpy Teacher. Now she has the honor of serving hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world by providing easy-to-use, hands-on resources, and engaging professional development that help students to love learning and teachers to love teaching.


  • How teacher to-do's impact burnout and overwhelm
  • Jamie's Journey overcoming fear of kids to falling in love with teaching
  • Putting in the work for teaching isn't all it's cracked up to be
  • The "Good Teacher Narrative" that's holding so many teachers back
  • Jamie's "Marshmallow Effect" and how it relates to teachers and job creep
  • The difference between self-inflicted burnout and the broken education system
  • Write your own definition of a "good teacher"
  • Jamie's number one tip for tackling the never ending to-do list
  • How to time block high priority tasks & get them done
  • How to challenge your brain to go from to-do list to to-done list
  • How to Fall back in love with teaching without it taking over your entire life
  • The other strategies that Jamie covers in her book
  • Jamie's number one piece of advice for teachers who think they can't fall back in love with teaching again
  • Could you fall in love with your least favorite thing about teaching?
  • Where to find Jamie's book & learn more from her








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