The Greenhouse Effect

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Scent Description: 

“The Ripple Effect” is a scent influenced by the fragrant air misting from rippling salty sea waves, cleansing Palo Santo, and sweet cozy Campfire Marshmallow.

What ripples will you choose to make? When a pebble is dropped into water, the water ripples outwards. But how does this impact us as individuals? This phenomena is also observable in psychology and is best described in the “emotional contagion.” You see, you actually CAN catch feelings. Science proves that negative stimuli (or people, ahem...) elicit stronger responses (emotional, behavioral, and even cognitively) than neutral or positive stimuli. Think about it though, one person’s sour vibe can ruin an entire evening. Also, how hard you throw the pebble (or respond emotionally) impacts the overall contagion process — more energetic responses create greater ripples. So, even if you can’t change your circumstances or your environment, you can always choose your response. Are your ripples positive?

Approximately 1.5 oz shape bags or 3 oz clammie (clamshell).

These wax melt tarts are sure to create strong aromas in your home or space for hours. Mix tarts to create new and unique scent combinations. This set includes these melts only - available for purchase as shapes or clammies.

All melts are used with the maximum amount of fragrance oil per wax, include mica and glitter.  Because items are handmade and handpoured, color, glitter content, mica, and shapes may vary.