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Another new product to our Body Bath Line is our handcrafted spray lotion.  Our quick absorbing spray lotion is moisturizing and super easy to apply on the go!

Scents offered for 4/16 restock:
-Grace Over Grades - Graceful Apple Orchards + Warm Sunshine + Sweet Tea + Lemon Rind + Sprig of Mint + Melon
-Smart Cookies - Juicy & Ripe Raspberries & Strawberries in Rich Frosting Topping Zesty & Tart Lemon Cookies
-Test Preppin’ - Energizing Sweet Peppermint with Buttery Undertones
-Affirmation - Warm Sunshine in California Orchards (Orange + Grapefruit + Apricot + Vanilla + Sandalwood + Jasmine + Hint of Musk)

Net Weight: approx 2oz

Teaching Mind Body & Soul is not responsible for irresponsible use of bath and body products, soap, including but not limited to injury when cutting, ingestion of soap, or skin irritation from improper use of soap.

How to use:
Spray directly onto skin after cleansing the skin in a shower/bath and rub in! Have glowing, hydrated skin.

Phthalate Free Fragrances
Skin safe colorants
Paraben Free