Some Bunny I Used to Know Collection Sampler

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Approximately 12-5 oz of various shapes, colors, etc. from the Some Bunny I Used to Know Collection.

These wax melt tarts are sure to create strong aromas in your home or space for hours. Mix tarts to create new and unique scent combinations. 

**The following are scents available in Collection Wax Sampler (12-15 oz varied shapes) and can be purchased alone as shapes or clammies*
- Joe - House Blend of Aromatic Bookstore (Teakwood + Coffee Beans + Musk + Cedar + Leather) + Love Spell Type
- The White Rabbit - Energizing, Fizzy Citrus Celebration + Satsuma Blended with the Mad Hatter’s Tea + Fluffy Almond Cake
- Velveteen - Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting + Palo Santo
- Darko - Pear Blossom + Strawberry + Lily of the Valley + Honeysuckle + Amber + Musk
-The Quik-nes - Creamy, Sweet Strawberry Milk
-Roger - Bubble Gum + Citrus + Melons + Apples + Pears
- The Trix-ter - Fruity, Crunch Cereal Blend (Not just for kids!)
**The following scents will be included in collection sampler only:**
- Peter - Clean Cotton + Vanilla Sandalwood + Campfire Marshmallow
- Cadbunny - Creamy Vanilla Filling with a Hint of Chocolate Shell
Comes with sample bath and body items as well.


All melts are used with the maximum amount of fragrance oil per wax, include mica and glitter.  Because items are handmade and handpoured, color, glitter content, mica, and shapes may vary.