Are you a paper and pen type of planner? 

The Ultimate Teacher Planner is going PAPER!:

What's Inside:
• Undated Monthly & Weekly Pages
• Year at a Glance • Index Page (with custom sections) • Day at a Glance Templates with To Do List, Water Intake tracker, Meal tracker, Gratitude & Self Care Prompts, To Grade, To Plan, & Hour-By-Hour table for visually planning out the day
• Clickable Tabs
• Long Range Planning
• Lesson Planning Templates (4 different styles including co-teaching and multi-prep)
• Student Contacts & Information
• Small Group Planning, Documentation, & Grouping
• Professional Development Note Section
• Meeting Notes Section
• Upcoming Meetings
• Month at a Glance with Goal Setting & Reflection Prompts
• Standards
• Gradebook / Attendance / Roster Templates
• Extra Blank Pages (5+ Different layouts)
• Accommodation Tracker
• Individualized Education Plan section (for the use of ANY teacher) includes: IEP Snapshot, IEP Goal Progress Monitoring, IEP Goal Progress Monitoring by Quarter, IEP Conference Form, Case Load Snapshot, Re-Evaluation Year Snapshot, Annual Review Year at a glance snapshot, and Co-Teaching Resources
• Behavior Monitoring Section with Behavior Monitoring Quick Guide, Frequency Data Tracker, Latency Data Tracker, Opportunity Data Tracker, 5 Minute Interval Data Tracker, & Duration Data Tracker
• Week at a Glance Templates with Habit Tracker and Goal Setting Prompts
• Notes (5+ Different Layouts)• All of these templates or pages can be duplicated as many as you want!

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