EmpowerED 2 Teach with AI Conference

A FREE LIVE virtual conference for educators to beat burnout & work smarter, not harder with Artificial Intelligence.


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This online event will give you the encouragement, motivation, and tools you're looking for to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and make teaching sustainable again!


15+ Speakers Presenting on Topics Like:

→ Gamification with AI 
→ Personalizing Education 
→ Time-Saving Strategies
→ Prompt Engineering for the BEST AI Responses
→ Student-Facing AI
→ Teacher Specific AI Tools 
→ 10x Your Teacher Productivity
→ Privacy in AI

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 The best part of this conference is? It's all online.

You can attend all the sessions from the comfort of your own couch (no professional dress required)!

Here, you'll connect with leading minds who've been right where you are ‚Äď juggling the personal with the professional, all while leveraging AI to enhance their teaching impact.

This April, get ready to kickstart an extraordinary journey at our inaugural event. We're unveiling AI's transformative power in education, aiming to make your teaching life not just easier, but truly inspirational. Wave goodbye to feeling swamped and say hello to a supportive community, practical AI tools, and strategies that reignite your passion for teaching.

Are you in? Secure your front-row seat to the future of education now and let's embark on this exciting adventure together!


Here's How the Conference Works!

Friday, April 12th- Registration opens for the EmpowerED 2 Teach with AI Conference

Friday, April 26th - Day 1 Conference Sessions will be available to attendees

Saturday, April 27th - Day 2 Conference Sessions will be available to attendees

Sunday, April 28th - Day 3 Conference Sessions available to attendees.

*Conference ends at 11:59 pm and sessions are no longer available unless you upgrade to the Power Pack

Monday, April 29th - The bonus library is unlocked for the Power Pack holders.

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Earn Credit

All ticket holders will have access to download a certificate that you can fill out and turn into your school or district requesting professional development credit hours for each of the online video sessions you watched to completion.

This conference is not accredited by an educational institution and professional development credits are not guaranteed. 

 Requested professional development credits will be assigned at your institution’s discretion.

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Completely Virtual

You can attend all the sessions from the comfort of your own couch!

Artificial Intelligence can be overwhelming because it's new, but it can completely transform how you plan for, teach, and assess in your classroom for the better!

 The Empowered 2 Teach with AI Conference is the place for you to learn from teacher experts in artificial intelligence who have been and still are in the same situation you're in - balancing personal and professional obligations and using AI programs & strategies in order to be the most effective educator without sacrificing their personal lives!

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Meet the Presenters
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The Resilient Teacher Podcast

Your Remedy for Teacher Burnout straight to your ear holes!

The podcast that gives overwhelmed educators the support, tools, and mindset to reduce teacher burnout and keep teaching sustainable. You'll be inspired to individualize self-care and learn to prioritize your well-being and mental health, all while making a bigger impact on your classrooms and community.


Listen to The Podcast!
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Join the on demand sessions of our incredible speakers as they share how you can save time and fight burnout in the classroom! Then, join the LIVE Q&A session with each speaker at their designated times. 


"Grade Smarter, Not Harder: AI Tools for Teacher Time-Saving and Improved Student Outcomes " | Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed.

Session on Demand All Day

3-3:30 EST - LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group


As teachers, we're often overwhelmed with the sheer amount of tasks we have to manage, and grading stands out as one of the most time-consuming among them. There‚Äôs a common concern that using AI to automate grading requires deep tech skills or that it might lessen our impact in the classroom. This workshop is designed to clear up these misunderstandings. We‚Äôll introduce practical, easy-to-use AI tools that not only streamline the grading process but also enhance our engagement with students. You‚Äôll leave knowing how to choose the right AI tools that fit seamlessly into your teaching approach, ready to reclaim your time and focus more on what truly matters‚ÄĒteaching.


"What if AI actually enhances the Human Connection in your classroom?" | Mike Mitchell

Session on Demand All Day

4:30-5:00 EST - LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group

The concept of AI in the classroom generates mixed emotions. Educators worry (rightly) that AI might replace them. On the other hand, there's a sense that the genie is out of the bottle so it's time to try to embrace this new reality. But what if AI, if deployed in the classroom in an ethical way, could actually foster human connections between students and teachers, rather than diminish them? We think it's possible. Attend this session and maybe you will agree.


"Secondary Success: Harnessing AI for Effective Lesson Planning and Resource Repurposing" | Khristen Massic

Session on Demand All Day

5:00-5:30 EST- LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group

Feeling the pressure to constantly reinvent the wheel with new lesson strategies? Worried about keeping your students engaged without overwhelming yourself? You're not alone. Join us for an empowering session where we'll show you how to harness the power of AI to transform your lesson-planning process.

In this workshop, we'll dive deep into leveraging AI to streamline your lesson planning and repurpose effective strategies across subjects and units. Discover how AI can be your ally in brainstorming innovative protocols tailored to your teaching style and classroom dynamics.

By the end of the session, you'll walk away with more than just ideas‚ÄĒyou'll have concrete prompts and the foundation of a personalized protocol bank to revolutionize your lesson planning. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to efficiency and confidence in every lesson you teach.

Ready to take the first step toward stress-free lesson planning? Join us and unlock the potential of AI to transform your teaching journey!


Don't Stress, AI's Got Your Back! (Time-Saving with Privacy in Mind) | Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff

Session on Demand All Day

 5:30-6:00 EST- LIVE  Q&A in the Facebook Group

Is AI your classroom's secret weapon? Discover the power of AI tools to streamline your lesson planning and assessments ‚Äď all while safeguarding student privacy! Learn how to manage your class with AI's support, without sacrificing student data security. Join this session to explore strategies for building a tech-positive classroom where AI becomes a responsible and ethical tool for learning. Let's harness the power of AI to enhance your teaching practice ‚Äď the safe way!


Empowering Classrooms with AI Integration | Sue Cluck 

Session on Demand All Day

7:00-7:30 EST - Q&A in the Facebook Group

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of AI platforms flooding the educational market? Fear not! Join me for an electrifying session where we'll demystify the process of integrating AI into your classroom. Together, we'll cut through the clutter and harness the power of my top-tier AI platforms to craft tailored, engaging content perfectly suited to your students' needs.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we explore how AI can revolutionize your teaching approach. By the end of our session, you'll be brimming with inspiration to infuse AI seamlessly into your lessons, unlocking a world of high-quality learning experiences for every student with two free and fully editable activity templates to use in your classrooms immediately. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a streamlined workflow that maximizes your impact in the classroom.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your teaching practice and empower your students with the latest AI-enhanced innovations. Join me, and let's embark on a thrilling adventure toward educational excellence together!


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"Prompt Engineering for Educators" | Karle Delo

Session on Demand All Day

10-10:30 EST - LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group


Discover the art of prompting to turn AI models like ChatGPT and Google Bard into your personal teaching assistant! In this session, learn a simple framework to generate creative lesson plans, brainstorm ideas, differentiate instruction, and make learning more engaging. Participants will walk away with effective prompts to unlock AI's potential and support teaching. Join us to become a prompt engineer and elevate your classroom with AI!


"AI Tools: 101" | Mason Nichols

Session on Demand All Day

11:00-11:30 EST - Q&A Thread in the Facebook Group


Have no idea where to begin with AI? I got you covered! In this session you'll learn a quick overview of many different AI tools. Also included are strategies for experimenting with AI tools to help teachers in a variety of ways.


"Boost your teaching impact by 10x and lighten your classroom workload with AI Tutors!  " | David Morgan

Session on Demand All Day

12-12:30 EST - LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group


Have you ever felt that being the only teacher in a room full of curious minds limits the learning possibilities? It's a common scenario: one teacher trying to cater to each student's unique needs, moving around non-stop. This approach, though well-intentioned, isn't sustainable.

But imagine a world where every student receives the individual attention they need without you feeling stretched thin. That's where Mindjoy's AI tutor bots come into play ūüöÄ. Our "Guide from the Side" tutors are just a few clicks away from transforming your classroom. This means every student benefits from the support of a knowledgeable tutor, allowing you to focus your attention with utmost precision and avoid burnout.

Join our workshop to unlock the power of Mindjoy‚Äôs AI tutor platform for your classes. Discover how it can enhance your teaching and give you and your students superpowers ūü¶ł‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹūü¶ł‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ.


"Elevate your history & social studies lessons with humy.ai" | Sophie Theodorou

Session on Demand All Day

12:30-1:00 PM EST - LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group

Join this PD session to discover how humy.ai, an AI-powered academic assistant site, can transform your history and social studies instruction. Learn how to harness its capabilities to create personalized learning experiences, foster critical thinking, and unleash student creativity. Plus, save time with ready-made assignments and automated grading, freeing you up for more impactful teaching. Register today and elevate your lessons to new heights!

Join to learn more about:
Personalized Learning
Historical Simulations
Critical Analysis
Creative Writing
Ready-Made Assignments
Automated Grading

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"How Can AI Serve Humanity? Aligning Technological Tools with Human Values" | Aaron Maurer

Session on Demand All Day

9:00-9:30 EST - LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group


Join us for "How Can AI Serve Humanity? Aligning Technological Tools with Human Values," a session designed to explore the intersection of AI technology and educational development. As AI increasingly influences the current system of education, educators face the critical task of integrating these tools without losing sight of the human-centric values that underpin education. This session addresses the challenge to potentially shift our mindset as we determine how to augment AI into the learning journey of ourselves, students and examines how AI can be harnessed to redefine educational goals and methods. Engage with us in a reflective journey to ensure that AI serves as a catalyst for enriching human potential and advancing collective educational aims.


"The Efficient Educator: Brisk Teaching Techniques for Time-Strapped Teachers" | Larisa Black

Session on Demand All Day

1:00-1:30 EST - LIVE Q&A in the Facebook Group

This session will show you how to use the Brisk Teaching chrome extension to save time on teacher-related tasks from creating presentations and lesson plans to making assessments to grading student work. It is like the ultimate teacher assistant! We will dive into practical uses so you can start getting back your much needed self-care time immediately.


Crafting Futures with AI: Student Narratives in Admissions and Beyond | Julia Dixon

Session on Demand All Day

AI's role in creating more accessible college admissions goes much deeper than proofreading, outlining, and editing college essays. Join us for a deep dive into the potential of AI-powered narrative assistance that help students make unique connections between their stories, and the programs and values at their dream schools. Discover how artificial intelligence can be a narrative ally to not only enhance college applications, but also empower students to articulate their journey and ambitions, paving the way for academic and professional success. Witness AI's transformative role in educational storytelling and envision the future it holds for learners worldwide. 


Student Facing AI: The Future in the Classroom | Matthew Karabinos

Session on Demand All Day

3:00-3:30 EST - Q&A  Thread in the Facebook Group

This session will talk about the emergence of student facing AI in the classroom. We will discuss the benefits, concerns, and drawbacks of what these programs offer. We will discuss SchoolAI and MagicStudent specifically and how they are alike and different and briefly mention Brisk Boost from Brisk.


 Reimagining One-Size-Fits-All (Worksheets) Education with AI | Aryan Bhadouria

4:30-5:00 PM EST LIVE Presentation in Facebook Group

Tired of spending $$$ on TPT, spending 10-12 hours per week creating educational content or differentiating old worksheets for your students? I’ll show you how to join thousands of teachers using WorksheetsAI to create any educational resource, activity, or content, individualize it, and have it ready to share with your students faster than the time it took you read this!

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Meet Your Host, Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed.

Meet Brittany, the Teacher Burnout & Sustainability Strategist and mastermind behind this jam-packed 3-day conference.  Real life educator?  Check.  Passionate about giving you real life, simple strategies & tools to make teaching sustainable?  Check.

In the ever-evolving world of teaching that constantly is adding more to your plate, Brittany is like that teacher bestie who always knows the next best way to stop doing it all and With over thirteen years of experience in elementary and middle school classrooms, Brittany has become an expert in addressing teacher burnout. She is also the host of the top education podcast "The Resilient Teacher Podcast".

Join Brittany at the THIRD annual Summer Self-Care Conference for teachers and get ready to have your socks rocked with the systems, support, and sustainability you always dreamed of!  Her firsthand experience and knack for making complex concepts simple is not to be missed!  Discover how to work smarter, not harder and live your best life inside AND outside of the classroom without burning out! 


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