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July 21st through the 23rd will be action-packed with amazing speakers sharing how to take care of the very most important person, you, and reduce burnout, work smarter, not harder this school year. However, it totally defeats the purpose if you're overwhelmed by trying to catch every video each day. That's where the Summer Self-Care Conference All Access Pass comes in.

Give yourself the space to take it in slowly and implement as you go. With an All Access Pass, you’ll get early access around July 19th AND lifetime access to all the presentationsPLUS, you’ll get a wide variety of PREMIUM bonuses in the ALL ACCESS LIBRARY  (outlined below) valued at $895.













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VALUE: $500 (and growing!) 





Check out All of the 2023 Premium Bonuses in the All Access Pass Bonus Library:

Over $500 in PREMIUM Bonuses



Digital Decluttering & Organizing Calendar & Tutorials with Lisa McHargue

4 weeks of quick digital decluttering and organizing tips to make life easier! Video tutorials show you how to tackle you computer hard drive, Chrome, Google Drive, and Gmail!


First Year Teacher 30 Day Journal from Helena Hains

This 30-Day First Year Teacher Journal walks you through prompts to get clear on your values, create systems, maximize your productivity, and create a smoothly run classroom.



Transformational Breathwork with Dr. Katie Raher

Enjoy this recorded gentle breathwork session focused on cultivating regulation and a felt sense of safety, while tapping into your worthiness.





Plan Out Your Course Blueprint with Khristen Massic

A time-saving blueprint (with templates and videos) for planning your new course during contract hours (so you can enjoy your time outside of school guilt-free)...even if you’re not a content area “expert.”




AI for Educators E-Book by Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed.

The AI For Teachers: How To Automate Your Teaching Tasks With Artificial Intelligence e-book provides step by step instructions, strategies and real world examples of how other teachers are making their classrooms easier to manage with artificial intelligence.

You deserve a better system for managing your teaching tasks, grading papers, creating templates and more! Imagine having useful tips at your fingertips so you can automate as many things as possible in order to free up your time for other things such as lesson planning or getting quality rest.





Intro to Automating Your Classroom with ChatGPT: Streamline Workload with Time-Saving Techniques Workshop with Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed.

Learn the first three steps to automating your classroom using ChatGPT.






One Month Access to Wife Teacher Mommy Club from Kelsey Sorenson

Inside the Club, you will get access to PreK-6th resource library and teacher-life coaching to achieve more of a work life balance. 







Email Templates You Need as a Teacher from Jen Manly

Seven email templates to help you cut down on teacher email time. This is a growing bundle, and you'll gain access to every email template I create!








Sunshine Squad Membership (1 Free Month!) from Maddy Fry

Connect with a community of women just like you who are working to live joyfully on the daily inside of the Sunshine Squad Community! Get a free month of community access and get connected with an uplifting, inspiring, and supportive community 🌻










Hacking Teacher Burnout from Amber Harper

There's no reason to leave education, because teacher burnout just got hacked!

Teachers often face challenges that throw off their entire plans and leave them feeling isolated and powerless. These challenges can range from new technologies, classroom discipline, sudden change to hybrid or distance learning, and unforeseen personal crises—issues that smolder until a teacher is fully burned out with no spark in sight. Enjoy Chapter 1 of Hacking Teacher Burnout.










 Student Mindfulness Journal from Adelaide Jones

Incorporate mindfulness into teaching effortlessly with these 8-minute, NO PREP weekly journal prompts suitable for ages 10 and up. Help students build relationships, increase confidence, and develop emotional health with video instructions included, while also easily adapting the product to various formats and using it as classroom decoration.


Fall Letter Writing and Card Center from Susan from Shared Teaching

Improve your students' writing skills with this fall themed letter writing center. Students can create cards, post cards, or letters for their friends around school.



The Whole Teacher Weekly Wellness Guide Sample: Introduction & Week One from Lauren Girgash

A little taste of The Whole Teacher Weekly Wellness Guide! Enjoy reading the introduction and save Week One (focuses on deep breathing) for your first week back at school.




Teacher To-Do List Templates from Brianne Beebe

Dreaming of a completely checked off to-do list? It’s possible! Organize your to-do lists by period, by day, by week, and by month with these templates designed for your crazy busy teacher life.





Self-Care Solutions Workshop from Elizabeth Peterson

Step beyond the generic advice and immerse yourself in an interactive 90 minute workshop that delves into your individual self-care needs. Participate in a creative exercise and create a personalized plan that will energize your self-care with actions that are doable and will work for YOU!






5 Week Done-for-You Meal Planner from Tara Dusko

Your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even snacks are all planned out for you for five whole weeks! This done-for-you meal planner will save you so much time!







78 Google Keep Headers for Teacher Organization

Learn to use Google Keep as a digital option & grab these 78 Google Keep Headers to organize it all!








10 Step Beginner's Guide to Writing Your Way Out of Burnout from Aeysis Clay

Writing has proven to be an excellent way to ease stress, anxiety, and increase creativity and joy! This guide provides 10 easy to implement steps to beginning your writing journey--no prior experience needed!









Pacing Guides for Grades 2-5 from Jamie Sears

These yearlong pacing guides include pacing for grammar, reading, writing, spelling, and math standards, plus a blank pacing guide to create your own!










The Outdoor Classroom Library of Nature-Based Children’s Booklist 


Welcome to The Outdoor Classrooms Library of Nature-Based Books, a (PDF) compilation of many of our favorite children’s books. I believe nature-based children’s books are a wonderful place to find inspiration for any outdoor lesson. I invite you to explore the nature-based children’s booklist and gather “seeds of inspiration” for outdoor learning. Children’s books aren’t just for young children. If you are a teacher or a parent with older children. Consider the deeper meaning of a book and ask how it can enhance your outdoor lessons.












How to Get Clients Training Video from Amanda Reed

As a small online business owner, the biggest question is "How do I get clients or customers for my business?" This video is a collection of ways to get clients for your small business. I share different organic ways to position yourself as a business owner to begin attracting your ideal clients.


First Week of School Survival Guide-Rules and Routines from Kelsey Sorenson

The first week of school can be a rollercoaster – stressful, fun, and exhausting! It is important to plan your procedures ahead of time so that they are clear and students know your expectations from the beginning. This First Week of School Survival Guide features selections from some of our best products as well as some new ones so that you can start your year off smoothly with Routines and Procedures!


Simple Block Schedule Planner from Samantha Holcomb

All of the components to print and build your own block schedule planner that works for you! 


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