The Mandela Effect

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Scent Description: 

“The Mandela Effect” is a blend inspired by one of the widely changed popular movie quotes impacted by this phenomenon — fragrances reminiscent of Southern Backwoods (Magnolia and Apple Orchard Lined roads and Sips of Lemon garnished Iced Tea and Summer Melon). Where ever will it take you?

The Mandela Effect is an intriguing phenomenon that will have you questioning everything from the names of movies you recall seeing or the lyrics of popular songs. This effect was coined in 2010 by Sofia Broome, a paranormal researcher, who remembered Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 80s. She’s not the only person who remembers this -- there are thousands of people who also recall this memory; however, Mandela did not die until 2013. There are many other examples of the Mandela Effect, such as the names of restaurants, popular movie quote, etc.. Bad memory or is there a glitch in the matrix? Some people believe that these “bad memories” prove that we are living in an alternate reality. The conspiracy theories can really get out there, but don’t believe me...look for yourself:

Can you pass the test? What if there is more that we are misremembering?

Approximately 1.5 oz shape bags or 3 oz clammie (clamshell).

These wax melt tarts are sure to create strong aromas in your home or space for hours. Mix tarts to create new and unique scent combinations. This set includes these melts only - available for purchase as shapes or clammies.

All melts are used with the maximum amount of fragrance oil per wax, include mica and glitter.  Because items are handmade and handpoured, color, glitter content, mica, and shapes may vary.