Polypropylene Bags - Wax & Fragrance Safe Bags

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Whether you want to share some of your favorite wax with your friends and family or you want to make travel wax baggies, you'll need the appropriate type. 

Each bag is made out of durable polypropylene which is the only safe option for storing wax melts, as they do not leach the scent.  Bags are available in either zip top or resealable options (please double check your choice from the drop down menu).  Bags are purchased in packs of 100 count and cannot be mismatched.

Sizes available:
-Resealable 3.75x3.75
-Resealable 3x5
-Zip Top 3x5
-Zip Top 4"x4"
-Zip Top 5x7

 Please keep bags away from small animals and children, as they pose a choking hazard.