Mystery Melts - 5 or 10 oz

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If you are new to the Flamingo Family, check out our mystery packs to try a variety of mystery scents, shapes, and colors.  Approximately 10 oz of mystery melts from various collections.

These wax melt tarts are sure to create strong aromas in your home or space for hours. Mix tarts to create new and unique scent combinations. This set includes a various scents and size melts from different collections - may include sample size shots, shapes, and full size pop shots to equal 10 oz or more.

All melts are used with the maximum amount of fragrance oil per wax, and include mica and glitter.  Shapes, scents, and colors may vary; number of oz per scent may vary.  Mystery pack may include clammies, shapes, etc.  If you would like more of a particular scent profile (bakery, sweet, fruity, earthy, etc.) please note at check out. Please keep in mind that our selection of melts for mystery samplers are random and while your preferences will be considered, mystery packs are not guaranteed to be all within one scent family.