Missing Assignments For Teachers and Parent Communication Automatic E-mail Template

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"This resource has helped me significantly in communicating with parents and students missing work for the week." -Katie W.

If you are a teacher of students in the virtual, hybrid, concurrent, or face to face model, a great way of communicating with students and parents is by using this resource. While it does require an initial set up to input the names of students, parents, e-mail addresses, etc. , I have created a step by step video tutorial that comes with the resource to help set up and make communicating with your students and parents easy and stress free!

This resource comes with:

  • Video tutorial on initial set up of the Autocrat Google Form Sheet Add On
  • PDF template that will automatically send to parents and students outlining their weekly missing assignments (you can also include weekly grades and other important information in these sections as well)
  • Pre-created Google Form that will autopopulate into the PDF template once set up is complete

Using the form, I choose the student and his/her corresponding parent & student e-mails.  I outline what missing assignments the student has for the week on Friday’s.  Once the form has populated the sheet, I use autocrat in order to facilitate sending an automatic e-mail with the template available in my bundle. Full tutorial on how to set up is located in the files.

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