Daydream Believer

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Scent Description: 


“Cheer up sleepy Jean
Oh, what can it mean to a
Daydream believer”
🦄 🌙
Did you know that people spend half of their awake time daydreaming? Daydreaming isn’t always counterproductive though because that’s where most imagine possibilities, problem solve, create, and plan for action. These famous lyrics from The Monkees gives us the super chill vibe, too. “Daydream Believer” is a musing blend of chill peppermint, lavender cupcakes, and vanilla bean Noel topped with pink sugar crystals. 

Approximately 1.5 oz shape bags or 3 oz clammie (clamshell).

These wax melt tarts are sure to create strong aromas in your home or space for hours. Mix tarts to create new and unique scent combinations. This set includes these melts only - available for purchase as shapes or clammies.

All melts are used with the maximum amount of fragrance oil per wax, include mica and glitter.  Because items are handmade and handpoured, color, glitter content, mica, and shapes may vary.