Wax Storage and Melting Tips

If you are new to the wax community or to melting vendor wax, here are some important tips in storing your wax melts.

Each item purchased from Teaching Mind Body & Soul is packaged in the appropriate material for long term storage; however, if you receive a loaf, other large melt, your packaging is torn, or would like to store in individual pieces you will need polypropylene packing.  

Now you may be thinking to yourself - why can't I store in plastic bags or other tupperware (also known as polyethylene)?  While wax melts are safer due to melting to release fragrance versus burning the fragrance; these oils are still made of chemicals.  Various fragrance oils can be more volatile than others.  Polypropylene is unreactive and used for strong chemicals.  Plastic leaches the fragrance from the wax leaving your wax less potent than when it was created.  Also, pthalates that can be in other plastics can leach into your melts which impact the overall throw and safety of its use.  It is important to ensure that you are using propylene material (bags or containers).  If you unsure, most poly containers (other than bags) will contain the number 5 on the bottom.

When storing your wax, ensure that they are left flat and in a dark area to reduce amount of light which can affect the overall color and fragrance.