Are you looking for a speaker to present actionable steps towards making teacher self-care accessible and  individualized, or reducing teacher burnout?


What if teachers could finally create a self-care plan that is unique to them: their personality, their needs, their lifestyle? What if they could finally ditch the overwhelm and pour back into themselves all while still continuing to make an impact in their classrooms?

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Check out these statistics:

Did you know that 1 in 3 educators is considering early retirement or leaving the profession?

According to an article by Education Weekly, 84% of teachers said that teaching now is significantly harder than it was before the pandemic school closures.

Over 50% of education professionals feel a disconnect between work-life balance.

These numbers are not inflated, it's real life.  That is why it is imperative that we prioritize teacher self-care, mental health, and well-being

Happy teachers equals happy students equals happy, productive communities.

Your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your teachers is at the root of everything your community will or will not be able to accomplish this year.

I’m Brittany, a mom/bonus-mom of five, a special education teacher, teacher mentor, and self-care strategist.  I’m here for teachers like you who need sustainable self-care support that is personalized and simple to implement.

Did you catch my “viral” TikTok video where I shared the ever popular TedTalk clip from Rita Pierson?  I’ve been there.  I know what it’s like.  After a messy divorce and caring for two daughters as a single mom all the while teaching, I was “burning the candle at both ends.”  Deep down, I needed to find ways to “fill my cup” so that I was able to give my best to my girls and my students but none of the memes on pinterest or self-care books really fit my lifestyle and my personality.  

The solution?  I realized self-care was not a one-size fits all mentality.  Each of us are different, unique individuals, each experiencing different struggles at various times in our life, just like the students in my classroom.  No one should have to spend hours a day researching self-care, finding cute graphics for motivation, or adding more things to the "to do" list.

I had a moment (during a parent meeting) where I realized I had a mission.  Using the skills I had learned as an educator and burnout survivor, I could unite teachers online and empower them to prioritize their self-care and mental health so they could get back to feeling more fulfilled in their career and effective in their classroom.

Since that moment, I’ve helped hundreds of teachers make mindful changes to their self-care routine, reduce stress by implementing quick and simple strategies, identify individualized processes that will allow you to regain power, and recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout.


Every educator deserves to fall back in love with teaching, and I love encouraging teachers to prioritize self-care, so they can find their unique method of self-care, ditch the overwhelm, and make an impact one student at a time.

It’s true...

You can be an effective and dedicated educator and professional and be committed to your own well-being.

In fact, the first rule on an airplane if the oxygen mask descends in front of you is to put on your own before you assist anyone else. The same goes for self-care and mental health.

Filling your cup allows you to show up as the best version of yourself rather than what is left over, all while regaining satisfaction and peace you deserve from your profession and life.


Here’s the secret:

-Self-Care is not a one size fits all.  What works for one educator may not work for another.

-Mastering your mindset and mental health is more than just saying “I’m going to do this.”

It’s about having the right people cheering you on and helping you create a routine that is unique to YOU.

We’re going to create a sustainable and personalized routine that can be modified over time as new challenges emerge, making your teaching job enjoyable and impactful again.


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