Master Scent List

"(Luke, I am Your) Father Christmas" - Crushed peppermint bark sprinkled on top of decadent frosted red velvet cake

"Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" - Warm and fresh from the dryer laundry with a mix of creamy vanilla infused with sweet lavender.  Inspired by the viral news interview with Sweet Brown.

"American Girl" - Barbie is an American classic and the ultimate American girl - Yummy vanilla with notes of jasmine and violet blend with lavender and rose on a warm, woody base (Compare to Lush Cosmetics American Cream).

"Angela Martin" - A popular cat mama - Angela Martin - was a hardworking woman and over the top cat mom! Her cat, Sprinkles, was her love until the tragic end.  Angela's scent is a yummy blend of ice cream cake topped with extra (what else?) sprinkles.

"Baby In A Corner" - This blend of Honey I Washed the Baby (Honey I Washed the Kids type), ripe watermelon, mixed with mountain blackberries, apple, magnolia, and sugar crystals will have you carrying a watermelon and dancing dirty in no time. (Inspired by "Dirty Dancing" for the Chick Flick Collection)

"Back Roads & Bonfires" - There ain’t much to do around these parts but head down a back road, dust flyin’ towards the middle of no where to get together and have a good ole fashioned bonfire. This blend of s’mores, smoldered cedar wood and sandalwood, charred vanilla, plus a hint of the old dirt road really captures the essence of southern entertainment. 

"Bellatrix Lestrange" - “Bellatrix Lestrange” is a unique, strange combination of fruity Trix cereal and rose milk. Cereal with a sweet floral twist. 

"Bend & Snap" - This combination of Blonde Moment (raspberry, strawberry, and champagne) and Orange County cupcakes makes melting look easy...what? Like it’s hard? (Inspired by "Legally Blonde" for the Chick Flick Collection)

"Betty Rubble" - Blend of Fruity Pebbles (duh!) and gooey, sweet marshmallow treats!

"Blue Milk & Wookies" - Chocolate chip cookie dough with Sugar Cookies followed by ice cold blueberry rose milk

"Boba Fett-stivus" - Carbon Frozen Snowflakes swirled with Mandalorian Mandarin Gelato

"Bohemian Barbie" - She's hip yet basic.  An interesting combination of herbal and sweet - patchouli, peppercorn, and black pepper with a hint of sweet vanilla buttercream frosting.

"Boo Thang" - There is nothing quite like spending time with your boo thang or dressing like one of your favorite Monsters Inc characters. A little of Mike and a little of Sully with Pistachio Pudding Cake and Blue Sugar swirled into one scary good scent!

"Boujee Barbie" - Fresh Picked Strawberries and raspberries with a hint of tropical guava blended into a thick creamy frosting topping fluffy shortcake.

"Breakfast at Barbie's" - After a sleepover, Barbie has to get together everyone's favorite fruity cereal with aromas of fresh baked cookies from the night before.  Sleepovers never smelled so good.

"Bugs" - Eh, what’s up, doc? This delicious blend of moist, oven fresh carrot cake topped with decadent cream cheese frosting encompasses this famous bunny’s favorite vegetable with a sweet, bakery take.

"Busy Bee" - Maybe you’re just too busy to get a costume but you want to be classic. The Busy Bee is a delicious blend of Honey atop Spiced Baked Apples - don’t skimp on the scent just because you ran out of time. 

"But That's None of My Business" - Sometimes, we just have to sip and keep moving.  Don’t spill the tea. This blend of sweetened green tea and lime glazed sugar cookies captures our favorite green frog’s attitude towards staying in your lane. Inspired by Kermit sipping tea.

"Cadbunny" - This is your quintessential Easter scent - reminding you of Easter basket candies and the most famous of all - creamy, buttery vanilla filling with a hint of chocolate shell.

"Carol Brady" - No matter how many things were on her plate at one given time, she always seemed to be calm and collected.  Her scent can only be described as sweet and relaxed with a hint of bakery - sweet lavender, creamy vanilla, fresh lemon, with a hint of warm glazed vanilla pound cake.

"Catch Me Outside" - What do you get when you put salty attitudes, sassiness, and the outdoors?  A combination even Dr. Phil will want to ask “What does that mean?” It’s “what I just said” - Salt water taffy, cotton candy bubble gum, and sun kissed outdoors with a hint of citrus and spice.  Sweeter Outdoors scent. Inspired by the viral Dr. Phil episode of Danielle Bregoli.

"Come Give Me Some Sugar" - An iconic Southern sayin’ that can’t be left out of this collection, whether  it be from your mama’nem or your lover, “Give Me Some Sugar” is an iconic phrase we grew up with. A sweet, sensual, and fresh blend of pink sugar and blue sugar swirled with a hint of cotton candy. 

"Cow Tippin" - There’s no hiding in the country is slower living and sometimes there isn’t much to do, but if you lived anywhere near a cow field, your friends dared you to do it. Cow tippin’ is best described by this pasture scent of green grass and fresh honeysuckle (we left out the cow patty scent 😉). 

"Cut Offs & Cowboy Boots" - In the South, the go to summer outfit and quintessential Southern style is a good pair of cut off shorts and cowboy boots. Nothing like the comforting smell of this duo together to get you feelin’ your country side. This is a unique but intoxicating blend of denim washed in Downy Blue and brand new leather cowboy boots - smells just like sweet, Southern Summertime! 

"Darko" - This blend of pear blossom, strawberry, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, Amber, and musk is a dark and masculine scent that will have you wondering if you’re in a parallel universe or....? This bunny you may know is based on Frank from Donnie Darko. 

"Deez Nuts" - We “got ‘em” with this blend of warm banana nut bread topped with caramelized pralines and honey roasted peanuts.  Nutty, maybe? Inspired by the Vine made popular by WelvenDaGreat.

"Dream Date" - Barbie is ready for a night out on the town with her Dream Date - A masculine, clean scent that reminds you of washboard abs in a tropical location.  Infused with frozen pineapple and white suede.  This scent reminds you of shopping that low-lighted store at the mall with gorgeous shirtless men posters everywhere.  

"Dream House" - As you step in the door, Barbie and all of her pseudo counter parts come together to create this complex yet comforting blend of herbs, fruit, and hipster vibes -  Fresh citrus top notes of bergamot and orange blend with clove and mint on background notes of soft florals patchouli, musk, and vanilla.

"Elf, I Am Not" - Creamy Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Mixed with Spicy Tea and Cakes

"Energizer" - Recharge your batteries with this invigorating blend of apricot, lime, pink peonies, orange blossom, cognac, and a touch of praline. Blend based on the famous Energizer Bunny.

"F@#$ Boy Tendencies" - For those of you who have been out of the dating scene for quite some time, you may not be familiar with the term; for those that have, this term is frequently used to describe those dudes that are smooth talkers and blow a lot of smoke but are ice cold the next day. “F@&$ Boy Tendencies” is a blend of smooth but icy buttery mint and smoke blowin’ marshmallow fireside. 

"Fatal Attraction" - Who remembers the movie “Fatal Attraction” from back in the day? If you haven’t seen it, you’re welcome. Inspired by the movie of the same name, “Fatal Attraction” is a deadly combination of smooth and spicy vanilla chai, marshmallow bunnies, lemon peel, and earthy dates. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll get the references 😉

"Free Fallin" - Anyone who is anyone has the bucket list item to either base jump, bungee jump, or sky dive. This blend was inspired not only by the adrenaline rush that comes from this experience but the iconic song made popular by Tom Petty. “Free Fallin’” is an earthy, fresh blend of rain, ozone, patchouli, lily of the valley, citrus, apricots, peonies, and a hint of praline. This blend captures the sweet and fresh scent of letting go and embracing life on Mother Earth. 

"Friday Night Lights" - If you only get into football for the Super Bowl, are you even Southern? ‘Round these parts, we get hyped up from college level to high school football games...and we go all out. “Friday Night Lights” is a scent that captures the aromas of a good Friday night high school football game: Cotton Candy, caramel apples, funnel cakes, and hot boiled peanuts. Of course we had to leave off the pungent scent of the back sweat of the big guy sitting in front of you, who is reliving his glory days and reminiscing of when he was a quarterback for this alma mater. 

"Front Porch Sittin' " - In the South, life is slower. After a long day, there’s nothing like sittin’ on the front porch, sippin’ some sweet tea or a fresh squeezed lemonade (or heck, a good mix in an Arnold Palmer), and waving at the cars as they drive by. “Front Porch Sittin” captures this down home pastime with the perfect mix of fresh squeezed lemonade and southern sweet iced tea. 

"Gird Your Loins" - No matter how hard you try not to be fashionable, you’ll have to gird your loins around the Devil in this scent of Cerulean Cashmere Sweater: blue jellybean + comfy sweater (bergamot and orange with mint, clove, patchouli, soft florals, musk, and vanilla - Comforter Lush Type). (Inspired by "The Devil Wears Prada" for the Chick Flick Collection)

"Glam Like Roseann" - This is a blend of Fierce (how appropriate) Cologne type & Champagne. An interesting and amazing duo of scents for a good cause. - Created for celebration of @bathvisions mother who is battling Alzheimer's Disease and dementia.

"Glinda The Good" - There is something about a warm, inviting fragrance to make you click your heels and say "There's No Place Like Home."  Glinda The Good is a fresh, fruity, fall scent that will warm your heart and send you on a journey through orchard fresh apples, fresh sunshine, green tea, a sprig of lemon, and fresh melon to round it out.  

"Gold Digger" - Some choose money over love, those are the kind we like to call “Gold Diggers.” This is a thick and floral blend of golden honey, lavender vanilla, and sweet rose milk. 

"Got a Watermelon on Instead" - You won’t need a helmet or anything on your head to smell this vibrant and tangy candied watermelon scent. Inspired by the popular collection of Vines from Marlon Webb.

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Sithmas" - Spicy Gingerbread Waffle Cone filled with Spiked Egg Nog Ice Cream

"Help Me, I'm Poor" - This unique blend of Pink Berry Tonka and Wedding Cake will have you helping plan Lil’s wedding and sneaking to first class on a bachelorette getaway. (Inspired by "Bridesmaids" for the Chick Flick Collection)

"Here Comes the Sun" - Swimming with dolphins, seeing the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling, all sunny bucket list items are encompassed in this scent of salty sea air, tropical mango, coconut, and zesty lime. “Here Comes the Sun” is a scent that will have you ready to take a trip to an exotic location and see the wonders underwater.

"Hide Yo Kids" - Straight from Lincoln Park, this scent of the youth will have people “gon’ find you, so you can run and tell that!” Intricate combination of Crunch Berries & campfire marshmallow .  Inspired by viral news interview with Antoine Dodson. 

"Hollywood Barbie" - Fresh picked wild berries swirled in a creamy vanilla frosting topping out of the oven white cake.

"HornyCorn" - It’s horny and it’s corny - Berry Unicorn Horn Fluff + Buttery Candy Corn.

"Hot-A-Mighty" - This blend reminds me of a hardworking, strong man - so fine you’d wanna slap your mama! In these parts, he’d make ya say, “Hot-A-Mighty!” This cologne blend has notes of bergamot, tangerine, mandarin, pepper, sandalwood, rose, lily, amber, patchouli, and tree moss. Lawd have mercy! 

"Hoth For the Holidays" - Earth Green Moss + Eucalyptus + Cold Winter Air

"I Don't Always" - This scent of candies limes and avocado is the most interesting scent in the world. I don’t always use home fragrance , but when I do I get them from The No Flame Flamingo. Inspired by the meme of the Most Interesting Man in the World.

"idgaFlock" - Ever feel like a scent that’s not gender specific, “iDGAFlock” is a unisex fragrance of juicy lemons + ripe pears, + sliced pineapples + herbal sage + vetiver + cedar + sandalwood.

"If You're a Bird" - You'll never forget this classic combination of scents that marry together sweet Southern romance at the beach.  Salty Sea Air with a sweet mix of Southern sweet tea. (Inspired by "The Notebook" for the Chick Flick Collection)

"June Cleaver" -  Because she’s the mom we love to hate (seriously whose house is that clean with two little boys?!), her scent is fresh line dried linens and crisp, juicy lemon. If you can’t be like June, at least your house will smell like it!

"Kitty Forman" - Kitty is appropriately scented in peachy sangria, a medley of juicy strawberries, fresh pineapple, and ripe peaches is sweetened with alluring jasmine and creamy coconut and finished with a dry down of musk and a touch of basil.

"Life is a Highway" - Road tripping across the U.S. of A is a huge item on most people’s bucket list. Hours of driving on the highways to see the different landmarks, singing songs, and just living life to the fullest. “Life is a Highway” is a sweet, fizzy blend of dreamsicle and energy drink - two must haves for any long drive - inspired by the song made popular by Tom Cochrane. 

"Little Sister Skipper" - Putting some pep in Skipper's step - everything peppy and teeny-bopper.  Pink bubblegum mixed with fizzy soda pop.  

"Lorelai Gilmore" - A down-to-earth "cool" mom, Lorelai, is a character who embraced the strong, single mom type.  Earthy, yet young and vibrant, her scent is a fresh spring, outdoorsy type with lime, grapefruit, lingonberry, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, and a pinch of spicy clove.

"Lucy" - Lucy is a sweet, intense blend of Cuban tobacco, caramelized spices, earthy patchouli, and a dash of vanilla that is just as complex as Lucy's character herself.  

"Malibu Barbie" - This Barbie spent her days sunbathing in the paradise of Malibu Beach - Creamy coconut milk combined with peaches and fresh cream with a hint of Barbie's tanning lotion.

"Mary Winchester" - The protective and strong Mama of Dean and Sam, murdered by Azazel when her sons were young - her fragrance encompasses her end with toasted marshmallow, smoldered vanilla, charred pine and cedar, smoky sandalwood, heliotrope, musk, and amber.

"Monster Barbie" - Masquerading in a costume, Barbie loves to party it up with this scent comprised of lime, neroli, and frankincense.  Compare to Lush Cosmetic's Calacas.

"Morticia" - One of the most "non-basic" moms on the block, Morticia doesn't abandon the alternative, edgy look just because she's a mom and she embraces the free thinkers of the world.  Yes, she's judged because of her dried funeral flowers and black attire, but she doesn't let those judgy moms get her down.  Morticia smells of dried and preserved funeral roses mixed with sweet, creamy vanilla and the blackest of berries.  A feminine, floral, cologne scent.

"Mr. Millionaire" - Whether it be to hit the jackpot, win the lottery, marry rich, there is something about living life as a millionaire that everyone wants to achieve. “Mr. Millionaire” is a scent of swag and freedom - a cologne blend of finely textured musk, lemongrass, citrus, cotton candy, amber, and vanilla.

"My Mama Said" - This scent is reminiscent of all the kids who bring up what their mamas say - A blend of Lemon Berry Cake (Berries + Lemon Curd + Fresh baked Vanilla Pound Cake - derived from the custom loaf made for (KareBear_Takes_A_Bath).  Inspired by the viral meme of Cardi B as a child.

"Nancy Downs" - EXCLUSIVE SCENT to the "Witchy Women" Collection Sampler.  Nancy is a spicy, black witch with a unique duo of Lord of Misrule and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow.  Inspired by Nancy Downs from "The Craft."

"Neck of the Woods" - This masculine mixture of cedarwood and sandalwood will have you up to your neck in sexy aroma.  This blend is a combination of spicy cedarwood, bergamot, and zest with a touch of sandalwood and vanilla.  Inspired by the mug shot of Charles McDowell (aka “The Neck Guy”). 

"Never Let Go" - Their love will go on and on - never letting go no matter what iceberg comes between these scents in a combination soft rose, vanilla, and lemon ice box cookies. (Inspired by "Titanic" for the Chick Flick Collection)

"No Mouth Kisses" - Sweet and tart strawberries with whipped buttercream bring out the flavor of the champagne.  Don’t get it twisted, no amount of alcohol or fruit will get this one to kiss you on the mouth. (Inspired by "Pretty Woman" in the Chick Flick Collection)

"Party Like a Flock Star" - What better way to party than like a flock star?! Scented with a party vibe of blackberry merlot, whiskey, tobacco, patchouli, cedar, and marshmallow fireside.

"Peter" - Nothing like a cottontail hoppin down the bunny trail - a little clean cotton mixed with sandalwood and vanilla with a touch of woodsy and sweet campfire marshmallow. This combo is a sweet clean scent that matches Peter (Cottontail).

"Playbunny" - This playful fragrance contains a complex yet gorgeous combo of Blonde Moment type (sweet raspberries, cranberries, and champagne), Snow Fairy type (light fruits and florals), and a splash of extra bubbly champagne. This blend will have you imagining you are partying at the mansion - inspired by the famous bunny known as Playboy. 

"Que pasa, mi fl-amiga?" - “Qué pasa, mi fl-amiga?” is a tribute to all mi amigas going through some stuff and just need a night of ice cream and frozen margaritas. Hey, I’m with ya! This scent profile is a strong creamy, caramel Mexican Fried Ice Cream with a kick of salt-rimmed frozen margarita.

"Queen for a Day" - Now this actual item on your bucket list may look different for different ones of you - perhaps you just want to visit England, Buckingham Palace, have tea with the queen, but for some of us - we want to rock the crown and all. “Queen for a Day” is a delicious blend of tea soaked almond cakes with fresh fruit cocktail of strawberry, pineapple, and ripe peaches. 

"Roger" - This combination of sweet chewy bubble gum and a medley of fruits including citrus, melons, apples, and pears brings you back to the cartoon loving days of your childhood. Inspired by the bunny known as Roger Rabbit.

"Sabrina Spellman" - Sabrina Spellman is a delicious, creamy blend of cream cheese frosted, cinnamon sugar dusted orange doughnuts. Clamshells are adorned with Sabrina’s familiar, Salem. 

"Salty Siren" - For those girls who just don’t feel comfortable dressing in a bathing suit top with a sequin tail to the “Spooky Soirée”, may we suggest the “Salty Siren?” She’s salty that perhaps she just couldn’t pull off that mermaid vibe but still spunky with her scent of tropical pineapple, sea salted caramel, and crispy graham crackers.

"Samantha Stephens" - What do you get when you mix a housewife and a witch? This delicious blend of brown sugar, glazed maple, praline, and sugar cookies that’ll have you wriggling your nose in no time. 

"Sanderson Sisters" - Ah, the Sanderson Sisters.  As Sarah would say, "I smell children."  Three of the most wicked witches around and invoked with the tart, tangy yet smoky scent of the black flame candle, children, and their sweet Halloween candy.

"Sheet Faced" - What’s a Spooky Soirée without some boos? For everyone dressed up, let’s get “Sheet Faced” - a unique blend of flannel sheets, blackberry merlot, whiskey, and campfire marshmallow. 

"Single & Ready to Flamingle" - One phrase from Flamingo Lingo everyone should embrace is “Single and Ready to Flamingle.” This blend is super fruity, tropical and just an overall nobody holdin me down type scent - reminiscent of girls nights out with fruity beverages and tropical locations! Juicy mandarin meets white peach and tropical mango. Yum.

"Sippin' on Shine" - One of the most widely anticipated times of the year is Barney Barnwell’s Moonshiners Reunion, a weekend long bluegrass festival. Barney was a local bootlegger from the Upstate of South Carolina who began the whole celebration. So what better to represent Southern culture than “Sippin’ on Shine” scented in sweet apple pie Appalachian moonshine?

"So Fetch" -  It’s English slang for toasted pastry filled with fruit and topped with royal icing.  Just like Daddy invented.  (Warm, fresh from the toaster apple cinnamon Toasters Strudel type topped with creamy royal icing).  (Inspired by "Mean Girls" for the Chick Flick Collection.)

"Somebody to Love" - If there is anything that is common about people’s bucket list, it’s that everyone just wants someone to love. Whether it be, a child, friend, lover, etc. love is consistent. This blend of Love Spell, Pink Sugar, and Snuggle type laundry blend encompasses seduction, loving embraces, and comfort. Inspired by the song made popular by Queen.

"Spirit Fingers" - Give me a C, Give me a A, Give me a N, Give me a D, Give me a Y! What’s that spell? Candy. Show some team spirit with sweet, creamy candy (Lush Rockstar Type).  Inspired by "Bring It On" for the Chick Flick Collection.

"Sugar Daddy" - You know those sweet talkers with large pockets? “Sugar Daddy” is a sweet cologne and clean type blend with sweet apples and peaches, swirled with musk, blue sugar, and blue downy.

"Sunday After Church" - Another Southern tradition is supper after church and a good sweet treat made from orchard ripened peaches, baked in cobbler, and topped with home churned vanilla ice cream.  A Southern Classic.

"Tell Me More About" - The famous sarcastic meme encompassing a well-known chocolate factory owner could be described with scent notes of Snozzberries (mixed berries - raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, blackberry).  Inpsired by the Meme of Willy Wonka.

"The Bigger the Hair, The Closer to God" - This melt is based off of what true Southern women strive for and is best described by the saying “The Bigger the Hair, the Closer to God.” There’s nothing a Southern woman judges you more by than the height of your hair - flat hair is a No-No! So add some product and tease away with this scent reminiscent of Herbal Essences shampoo - fresh dew, alive with hints of flower gardens, exotic herbs, green grass, rain drops and light earthy tones.

"The Quik-ness" - Another bunny you may know from his famous chocolate and strawberry milk mixes - “The Quik-ness” is a creamy, sweet strawberry milk scent that will bring you right back to your days as a kid mixing in some flavor to your milk.

"Trixter" - This cereal blend is not just for kids, it is sweet with the perfect amount of bakery that will leave you licking the bowl- “Trixter” is based off the famous cereal rabbit that this blend smells just like.

"Trouble in Paradise" - Sometimes it looks good on social media but really there is “Trouble in Paradise.” This is a blend of cold-hearted lime freeze and watermelon sorbet with a hint of coconut cream cake. 

"Ugh! As If" - Listening to The Cranberries after leaving a party in the val, the scent of this one screams 90s girl in a plaid skirt: cranberry, rhubarb, apple, lemon zest, pineapple, plum, peach nectar, and red currant mixed with a sweet pink sugary treats like cotton candy, marshmallows, and lollipops. (Inspired by "Clueless" for the Chick Flick Collection)

"Voluptuous Vampire" - For the curvier girls at the party, she’ll put a spell on you and slay away. Voluptuous Vampire is a blend of blood orange, love spell, and Transylvanian spice. 

"wtFlock?"  - A fresh, clean, yet unique blend of clean cotton and candied lime with a touch of neroli will have you asking “wtFlock?!” Derived from the custom blend for Cleaning with Roseann.