Want to Be a Beta Tester?


My secret formula that's giving burned out teachers the gift of support, balance, and resilience they need to continue making an impact...


...even if you're feeling like there's a never ending to-do list and you never have the time to catch up.


  1. Teachers who are looking to build resilience and make teaching a sustainable career.
  2. Teacher Experts wanting to provide valuable information for the members of this program.

Beta Testers are:

  • Teachers who want access to this proprietary teacher resilience framework to utilize for personal use and build teacher resilience.
  • Willing to provide feedback for the process and information provided.
  • Willing to provide testimonial of the program to be used on various platforms (including social media marketing).
  • Are willing to either pay at an 81% discount for LIFETIME access or provide valuable training for the members in the program at a mutually agreed upon date to access the program for FREE for one year.

What do you get for being a Beta Tester of the Individualized EduCare Program?

  • LIFETIME or ONE YEAR access to the program (depending if you want to provide additional value by presenting on a topic of expertise or if you'd like to participate at an 81% discount ONE time fee)
  • The one-of-a-kind program that will help to sustain a career in education and build resilience so that you avoid burnout, ditch overwhelm, and get back to living a life you enjoy.
  • Reignite your passion for teaching with a community of like-minded individuals to help support you on your journey towards resilience.
  • If you LOVE the program (and I know you will), you can request an affiliate code to share the program with your friends, school, district, etc. in order to make affiliate sales allowing you to make 20% commission on all sales that use your unique affiliate code to purchase.

You could keep attempting self-care menus from professional developments thinking maybe this time it'll work.

..or following all the popular teacher Instagrammers to try to get excited about teaching again but end up comparing yourself to their highlights.

...You could keep trying to DIY your way through it...


OR you could hop into this evidence-based program and start turning your burnout into balance TODAY.


The keys to building teacher resilience comes down to TWO things:

  • Creating habits and systems that are authentic to you in and out of the classroom
  • Quality Support and Accountability

Teaching students Social Emotional Learning while you're burned out and on the edge will no longer be an issue.


You're going to have the support and balanced strategy for attending to your own Social Emotional Learning and Development so that you can make a bigger impact with less stress.

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