5 Amazon Must Haves for Your Virtual Teacher Desk

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5 Amazon Must Haves for Your Virtual Teacher Desk

**As an Amazon Associate I earn for qualifying purchases; however, I never recommend products I do not already or would not use in my classroom.

Since March of 2020, so many teachers began working from home to teach remotely.  I was one of those teachers and when school began in the fall, I began teaching for our district's virtual academy.  I was excited for that challenge but if you're being thrown into the virtual world.  It can get hectic quick.  With so many changes, I needed a way to make my teacher desk more functional and organized.  So I hopped my happy tail on over to Amazon and below are 5 of my Amazon Must Haves for your Virtual Teacher Desk.

1. Foldable and Adjustable Monitor Stand


I am obsessed with this foldable and adjustable monitor stand. It gives me that extra space for storage and organization, which is definitely necessary for my virtual teacher desk. It is also ergonomic so you are looking at your monitor at eye level and not straining your neck. I love that it has a built in pull out stand for my phone or tablet and this cute little storage drawer for convenient storage

2. JellyComb Bluetooth Keyboard 


This mint green Jelly Comb bluetooth keyboard is my favorite. It comes with a silicone keyboard skin to protect your keyboard from wear and tear.  Not only that, but it can connect to two different devices simultaneously, like your tablet and iphone or your laptop, and you can switch device at the press of a button. I have to be honest though and say my favorite part is that it has a built in stand slot for your tablet or phone , which makes it easy to maneuver and type on your device. This keyboard comes in multiple colors but I love this mint green!

3. Acrylic Keyboard Stand

If you are a teacher and you don't already have an ergonomic keyboard stand.  I don't know what you are doing.  Especially in the virtual world, it is important that we create environments that will not harm us in the long run - and let me tell you - Carpal Tunnel is real.  In addition to my foldable and adjustable monitor stand, this acrylic keyboard stand has the perfect angle and design which eliminates tension from the wrists, forearms, and elbows due to the long hours of all the digital work virtual teachers have to do, and keeps your body away from wrist issues. 

4. Power Strip Tower 

I had a PowerStrip Tower even before virtual teaching and it is super useful.  I like that it has USB slots for charging electronics and you can also turn the power off to specific outlets by pressing a button.  With all the cords to a million different devices for virtual teaching, it is a necessity to have an organized way to unplug or access cords.  When I am working in the building, my students love having a place to charge their phones as well (it also keeps them from messing on them during class).  Win-Win!

5. Portable Document Camera


The last thing on the list would either be a tablet or a document camera.  Personally, for my classroom, I moved from the document camera to an Apple ipad and that has made all the difference in maneuvering my virtual teaching experience.  However, for teachers who are just moving into this teaching model and need something to share their paper documents or books, this is the go to doc cam!  

There are so many various tools that a teacher moving from the brick and mortar to teaching virtually will need but these are definitely the 5 top must haves for your virtual teacher desk. 



  • Jen Williams

    I love all of these suggestions!

  • MMclellan

    Awesome info! Thanks!

  • Jess Witoski

    These recommendations are gold! I’m with you 100% on equipping ourselves with the tools we need to teach comfortably and effectively. This was a great read, thank you!

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